Closeup photo of a person's hand holding a pen and checking items off a list.

Not All Shredding Companies Are Created Equal

When you purchased your first car, you probably conducted extensive research. You checked around, sought advice, and ensured ...
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A page of a spiral-bound notebook is shown with the words "Data Privacy Lays - 2023 Updates" written in black marker.

2023 Updates to Data Privacy Laws

Did you know that in 2023, more than a billion people globally welcomed the Vietnamese Year of the ...
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A piggy bank in the shape of a house with dollar coins and bold text on dark blue background to commemorate Financial Literacy Month in April

Financial Literacy Month is a Great Time for Shredding

In April 2023, National Financial Literacy Month will be recognized for 20 years of highlighting the importance of ...
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White Icon Representing The Ecological Call To Recycle And Reuse Package On Bokeh Background Of Green Field and Trees

This Year, Celebrate Earth Day with Document Shredding

April 22nd is Earth Day. It happens on the same date every year. It all began in 1969 ...
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A lock and shield icon is laid over an image of shredded paper

Why Chain of Custody Matters in Shredding

By law, any generator of private information is required to destroy expired confidential documents, and secure shredding is ...
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Group of external hard drives and memory cards on white table.

Why Paper Isn’t All You Should Be Shredding

Top 5 Reasons to Shred Your Business Documents Prevents identity theft The law requires it Reduces clutter Protects ...
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Close up of colorful file folders in a filing cabinet

Purging Your File Room Ahead of Tax Season

In a letter written more than 230 years ago, Benjamin Franklin said, “in this world, nothing is certain ...
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A blue recycling container is sitting next to a desk in an office and a person sitting in an office chair is tossing a crumpled piece of paper into the container.

Are Recycling Bins Your Company’s Worst Enemy?

Recycling is Good, Right? The upside of an office recycling plan is that you can set up a ...
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A medical symbol in a crest along with the words "HIPAA Compliant"

Paper Shredding and HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law in 1996. Part of that rule was Section ...
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External hard drive on a wooden table with a laptop computer and mobile phone

Shredding: It’s Not Just for Paper

Maybe your business has been shredding your paper documents as a regular practice for a long time, so ...
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Yellow paper is torn away to reveal the words "Protect Your Identity" written in white letters on a brown background.

Be Vigilant During Identity Theft Awareness & Prevention Month

You and your company may or may not take time to celebrate the season by decorating, hosting a ...
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Cartoon-style illustration of a young man with his arms crossed and holding his chin. Two thought bubbles containing question marks suggest that he is considering two options.

Comparing On-Site and Off-Site Shredding

In simple terms, “on-site shredding” refers to the shredding of confidential documents at your place of business, using ...
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