Shredding Collection Containers

Richards & Richards offers two standard shredding collection containers. The styles and dimensions are below.

Executive Console

A secure collection console with dimensions listed on image.

The light gray executive console to the right fits very well in an office environment. It is 40”H x 19”W x 19”D. A cloth bag with confidential information is replaced with an empty bag. The full bag is secured with a security cinch and placed into a locked 96-gallon container for transporting to the locked truck. It holds approximately 3 cubic feet or 75 lbs of paper.

96-Gallon Security Container

A secure collection container with dimensions listed on image.

A 96-gallon security container is available for areas of high volume. It is gray and measures 43”H x 35”D x 24”W. It holds approximately 10 cubic feet or 250 lbs of paper.

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