Product Destruction

Richards & Richards provides product destruction services for all types of companies and organizations. We have various shredding and destruction equipment and methods in our Nashville destruction plant to handle different types of items and media.

Product Destruction Shredder Blades

If you need assurance that your defective, discontinued or outdated products will not return to the open market, destruction is your best option. The protection of your brand is critical, whether you are a large consumer brand or a small, unique specialty product company.

What Kinds of Products Can We Destroy for You?

  • Clothing items and company uniforms
  • Products marred by errors or mistakes
  • Obsolete or discontinued items
  • Recalled items
  • Unusable products
  • Name badges
  • Branded access cards
  • Promotional materials
  • …and many more

Secure, Certified Product Destruction

With all our services, if you require it, we offer you the chance to witness your products being destroyed. We also provide a Certificate of Destruction to confirm and certify that your products have been destroyed. If your project requires more complex security requirements, including things like bar code or SKU tracking before destruction, we’re willing to work with you to find the optimal solution.

Call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page with your product destruction requirements and we’ll provide you with our suggested destruction method and pricing.

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