5 Reasons Why Free Shredding is a Bad Deal

A hand reaching down turns wooden cubes and changes words from "good deal" to "bad deal."In a world where nothing truly comes for free, the idea of free shredding services may seem tempting. However, before you jump on the free shredding bandwagon, it’s important to understand the hidden costs and potential risks associated with this seemingly cost-effective option. Here are five reasons why free shredding can be a less-than-ideal choice:

1. Lack of Chain of Custody

When you generate and handle private information, you have a responsibility to protect it at every stage, from creation to disposal. Security is maintained through a chain of custody which documents the information’s journey from start to finish. Because offers of free shredding often require you to release your documents without confirmation that they have been securely destroyed, free shredding can jeopardize your compliance efforts.

2. Absence of a Certificate of Destruction

Ensuring the secure destruction of personally identifiable information (PII), is vital. Having a Certificate of Destruction issued by a professional shredding service provider serves as concrete evidence that your documents have been securely destroyed. This certificate can be invaluable in the event of an audit or legal inquiry. Choosing free shredding means forgoing this essential proof of destruction, which can be detrimental to your protection and that of your business.

3. Compromised Security

Protecting sensitive information from prying eyes, misplacement, unauthorized access or intentional theft should be a top priority. Free shredding options make it challenging to maintain this level of control. You lose control over where your information ends up once it leaves your possession, and you lack proof of a secure transfer of responsibility. Additionally, can you guarantee that documents shredded for free will be destroyed to the point where they can’t be read or reconstructed, as required by privacy laws? The answer is often uncertain. Using free shredding mean sacrificing security, and that’s a risky proposition.

4. Neglecting Recycling

In an age where environmental consciousness is essential, even shredded paper can have a substantial impact on landfill sites if not properly recycled. Free shredding services may not recycle shredded paper because many recyclers can’t accept the tiny shreds of paper. A properly-equipped, vetted recycling contractor must be used, adding cost to the process, barring this option for free shredding vendors. This means your shredded documents end up in the landfill rather than being recycled, harming the environment. To prevent this, opt for a shredding provider with eco-friendly practices.

5. Hidden Costs

In reality, shredding is never truly free. Free shredding often relies on slow and potentially unreliable shredding machines that can overheat, jam, and require frequent repairs and replacements. These hidden costs add up over time. Choosing a reputable shredding service ensures compliance with state and federal privacy laws, offering peace of mind that free shredding cannot match. In the end, free shredding is far from cost-free; it’s a risky choice.

When it comes to shredding, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. Richards & Richards offers an affordable alternative, ensuring your private information is properly and securely destroyed. We provide a Certificate of Destruction and recycle 100% of the material we shred. Call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page for a secure and environmentally-friendly shredding solution.

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