Shred Bins:
What They Are and How to Choose

Business people having a meeting around a board room tableDuring a recent staff lunch meeting, the topic of outsourcing our document destruction needs was discussed. The conversation went like this:

Understanding Their Importance

Jessie: What’s your top priority when looking for a shredding company?

Taylor: Inexpensive. I’m looking a cost-effective option, though it’s hard to beat our current DIY approach.

Jessie: I disagree. We’re outsourcing for long-term cost effectiveness and security. DIY has hidden costs and lacks security. So, I wouldn’t prioritize “inexpensive.” It’s essential to work with a professional shredding company.

Taylor: What makes a shredding company professional?

Jessie: First, make sure they’re NAID AAA Certified. Then, select one with a strong focus on detail and security. And look for a company that provides secure shredding collection containers.

Taylor: You mean shred bins? I didn’t consider them a priority. I thought they were more of a luxury.

Jessie: Shred bins should be a priority. If we’re serious about maintaining compliance with private information, we must safeguard our discarded documents. Where do your documents sit until they’re shredded?

Taylor: I keep them in a neat pile next to my desk.

Jessie: That’s the problem. Any private information on those pages isn’t protected from loss, theft, or unauthorized access. Unattended documents are vulnerable to breaches. That’s how companies like ours can end up in trouble. Clients, service personnel, staff members and dumpster divers are all potential culprits. Shred bins fill that security gap.

Taylor: What gap?

Jessie: When you discard your documents, they go into a locked shred bin where they stay safe and secure. A professional shredding company retrieves them on a scheduled basis, ensuring immediate shredding. Even the service technicians don’t handle your sensitive documents; they replace your shred bin with an empty one.

How to Choose

Taylor: That sounds like an important factor in selecting a shredding service. Is it better to choose a smaller bin to save money?

Jessie: Professional shredding companies provide shred bins as part of their service at no additional cost, so choose bin sizes based on where they’ll be placed. Will clients see them? Do you need one at your desk? The size depends on the volume of paper we discard.

Taylor: Can they come once a week to shred our documents?

Jessie: Certainly, but the frequency should align with our document volume. We don’t want documents sitting around too long, or bins getting full. A professional shredding company will help us determine the size and pickup frequency that’s right for us.

Taylor: I need to rethink my priorities list for choosing a shredding company. Shred bins will be near the top of my list. What I thought was simply a convenience is really a necessity.

Who to Choose

Richards and Richards’ scheduled shredding service includes locked shred bins delivered to your location. We offer a variety of bin sizes and styles tailored to your business needs. Give us a call at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page to design the ideal shredding service for your business.

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