A pensive-looking business woman is holding a pen to her chin and in the background, there is a graphic of hand-drawn question marks.

Behind the Scenes of an Off-Site Shredding Service

It was a Bright and Sunny Day Every Thursday, at precisely three thirty in the afternoon, a uniformed ...
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Closeup photo of shredded paper

Keep Your Documents Out of the Landfill

Origin of the Motorized Shredder The first machine-run shredder was created by Adolf Ehinger in 1935. Ehinger was ...
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Black script calligraphy design for National Financial Awareness Day

Observe Financial Awareness Day by Protecting Your Identity

August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day You likely had no idea that this day existed. The purpose ...
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Closeup photo of document shredder with paper shreds on table

Why Dumpster Divers Love DIY Shredding

I Prefer to Do It Myself I’m the type of person who will not call a repair person ...
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A stack of computer hard drives isolated on a white background

If You’re Not Shredding Hard Drives, Your Business Isn’t Compliant

Take the Test Do you have an area in your business facility that stores replaced, out-of-date, or damaged ...
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A person carrying a striped document box with an out of focus open vehicle in the background.

Why Shredding Your Confidential Documents is Better Than Burning Them

“The Camping Trip” Blaze: (unloading boxes from the trunk) This is going to be the best camping weekend ...
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A blonde woman in white blouse and yellow skirt is removing paper from a purple waste basket in an open office space with books on shelves in the background.

The Benefits of Document Shredding for Medical Practices

POV: Medical Practice Office Manager We have a local college student doing her medical administrative placement with us. ...
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Smiling business woman is sitting at a desk and reading a document

What is a Certificate of Destruction?

One day I was sorting through the mail when I noticed that one envelope was from the shredding ...
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Professional woman in dark suit with white blouse is smiling and sitting at a desk with a computer, papers, calculator and shelves of documents in the background

6 Document Shredding Benefits for Accountants

Business mentor and author, Jana Kingsford, said, “Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.” Balance ...
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Illustrated image of two hands holding the earth which has two green leaves sprouting from the top

How Paper Shredding Goes Hand-in-Hand with Earth Day

The Canopy Project™ is an initiative of™ and improves our shared environment by planting trees across the ...
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Blank paper bags in a car trunk

How Does a Drop-Off Shredding Service Work?

What are you doing with your personal receipts, past bank statements, tax records, and medical documents? If you’re ...
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Red marker pen marking on checklist box, close up

How to Choose a Shredding Company in Old Hickory, TN

If you were to ask me for the best things to do in Old Hickory, Tennessee, I would ...
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