A black gloved hand is reaching out through a laptop screen to grab a wallet sitting on the desk.

December is Officially Identity Theft Awareness & Prevention Month

December is designated as Identity Theft Awareness & Prevention Month. You might question why this month, of all ...
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A hand reaching down turns wooden cubes and changes words from "good deal" to "bad deal."

5 Reasons Why Free Shredding is a Bad Deal

In a world where nothing truly comes for free, the idea of free shredding services may seem tempting. ...
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A person's hand holds a red NO/do not symbol over wooden cubes that spell the word FRAUD.

Safeguard Your Identity and Celebrate Fraud Awareness Week

Have you ever wondered about the activities happening outside your home, business, or on the streets while you ...
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A Caucasian hand sorting through hanging file folders containing personal tax information and other personal information

Why the Deceased Still Need Document Shredding

As a kid, I had the job of picking up our family’s mail from the local post office. ...
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Young serious busy professional business woman wearing glasses using laptop to do research.

Choosing the Right Company for Your Shredding Event

A shredding event is a great service and learning opportunity for your clients and will definitely boost your ...
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A person signing a patient record form in a doctors office.

What Healthcare Providers Should Look for in a Shredding Company

If you’re partnering with any outside organization to outsource your work, you want to use the best, especially ...
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A plant growing out of a pot filled with paper shreddings.

Does Paper Shredding Really Benefit the Environment?

Lynn’s Story As a Nashville business owner, if you were to ask me why I have a professional ...
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Hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Shredding Truck

In 2006, Pixar and Disney Pictures created the film Cars with multiple sequels and spin-off films that followed, ...
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A woman in a white blouse is smiling and giving a thumbs up sign with her right hand while holding a symbol of a green checkmark in her left hand.

Everything You Need to Know about Document Shredding

More to it Than Meets the Eye If you haven’t ever said it yourself, you’ve likely heard someone ...
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Pensive young man thinking and looking up against blue background

Common Misconceptions about Shredding

There’s been no shortage of news about misinformation lately, but the concept of being misinformed is nothing new, ...
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A white icon of a clock face inside of a gear shape surrounded by a circular arrow is on a black background

The Many Benefits of Recurring Shredding

Automation We live in a culture of automation and often don’t realize how much it makes our lives ...
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A man in a business suit is on his hands and knees and holding a magnifying glass while inspecting a pile of shredded paper.

Myths about HIPAA Compliance

An Office Conversation about HIPAA Misconceptions (Philip stands at the office shredder holding a shredded piece of paper ...
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