Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction

A hard drive resting on a pile of shredded hard drivesHard Drive Shredding Services

Richards & Richards is Nashville’s only NAID AAA Certified media shredding company with the ability to permanently destroy all data on computer hard drives by applying 20,000 pounds of conical force onto the platter of the drive. This massive force crushes the hard disk’s spindle. Then forms ripples in the platter and cuts it into pieces, rendering all data irrecoverable.

We will barcode each drive received and scan the serial number as the alternate ID, to verify destruction. We will provide you with a certificate of destruction listing each hard drive by serial number.

Magnetic Media Destruction

Richards & Richards destroy CDs, DVDs, computer back up tape or other magnetic media either on a bulk weight basis or individually track destruction of individual pieces.

The ShredPax model AZ-7V shredder complete destroys all magnetic media. Firstly, this machine grinds the material into small pieces. Lastly, the destroyed pieces will be recycled or sent to a landfill. This material is in no way usable or reconstructible after the process.

Individual tracking is made available for large capacity media. Media such as computer back-up tapes that can contain large amounts of personal data. This provides a tape by tape audit trail of their destruction for your records.


The ever-changing nature of technology creates a constant need to have a partner to securely and properly dispose of your out-of-date equipment so that you can incorporate the new.

Richards & Richards not only destroys hard drives and magnetic media to NAID AAA standards, but we can also dispose of the equipment around them.

We will take your computers, towers, laptops and disassemble them by hand. Afterwards. we separate and recycle the pieces through raw material extraction to produce new metal and plastic products.

We provide a “Certificate of Recycle” at the end of the process. This ensures you have a full audit chain for your equipment.

To learn more about our NAID AAA Certified shredding services in Nashville and Central Tennessee, please call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page. We’re here to help you!

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