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Your Document Scanning Questions, Answered

Document scanning is a go-to solution for companies looking to optimize productivity and profits. As a result, we're ...
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red text Lawsuit on Newspaper

Yes, Your Business Can Be Sued the Day after a Data Breach

The recent Equifax breach is a big wake-up call for the business world; organizations large and small must ...
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The Top Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

Even in the digital age, organizations large and small still depend on paper-based records, so where you store ...
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no excuses tell the truth, take responsibility and have no regrets. stop lying Being responsible and taking responsibilities is better than telling lies. Say sorry is not enough! No excuse!

The Top 10 Excuses for Not Storing Business Documents Offsite

The thing we miss most about Late Night with David Letterman are his “Top 10” lists. So we've ...
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Answers to Your Document Shredding Questions

As a trusted resource for our clients and the Nashville community, we're asked questions about document shredding all ...
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Medical records envelope attached to a file-folder with Confidential text isolated on white

How to Prevent Medical Identity Theft: 5 Tips

Medical identity theft is when someone steals your personal information to obtain medical care, drugs or file false ...
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The Biggest Records Management Risks and How to Prevent Them

Risk assessment is an integral part of building a solid and effective records management plan. You have to ...
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10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Privacy

In the Information Age, your personal data is everywhere and more valuable than ever. It's no wonder identity ...
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How to Start a Document Scanning Project

Sometimes, just getting started is the hardest part of any project. This is especially true if you want ...
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HIPAA Compliance Icon Graphic For Medical Document Security at Richards and Richards

Medical Records Security for Healthcare Providers

A survey by Bitglass found that privacy breaches in the healthcare industry hit an all-time high in 2016. ...
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records management tips

5 Records Management Tips to Put in Practice Now

Do you have a handle on your records? If not, your business won't keep up with compliance requirements ...
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Answers to the Big 5 Information Destruction Questions

We receive questions all the time from consumers and business owners wanting to know about information destruction. And ...
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