Why Free Shredding is a Bad Idea

A young woman in a white t-shirt has a smirk on her face and is giving a thumbs down sign.Meet Mohamed Aziz, a 72-year-old bookseller in Morocco, whose loyal commitment to his bookstore for over 43 years reflects a deep trust in humanity. When questioned about leaving his books unguarded outside, his response was simple: those who can’t read don’t steal books, and those who can read, aren’t thieves. The underlying principle is that valuable services often come at a cost, and those that are free may not hold much value.

This philosophy can also be applied to the concept of “free” services, such as free shredding. Let’s delve into the realm of free shredding and explore five crucial questions you should ask yourself when considering whether to use free shredding services.

1. Is It Secure?

Shredding paper or destroying digital storage devices might seem like a straightforward task, but the real challenge lies in ensuring the security of the information being destroyed. Paper documents and digital media often contain sensitive data, and you are legally obligated to protect this information.

Merely shredding paper or damaging digital devices may not be enough to comply with state and federal privacy laws. The risk associated with potential breaches or theft can be substantial, outweighing any perceived benefits of free shredding. Investing in a secure information destruction method is crucial to safeguarding your business, staff, clients, and community.

2. Is It Safe?

Handing over sensitive information for free shredding might expose your data to potential mishandling. Entrusting your information to individuals who perceive free shredding as a viable option raises concerns about the safety of your data. Those who offer free services may not prioritize protecting your information, potentially leading to loss, theft, or improper disposal.

Maintaining a chain of custody for private information is challenging when opting for free or cheap methods. A professional shredding company, on the other hand, provide secure collection containers and a secure chain of custody, bridging the gap between discarding documents and their proper destruction.

3. Is There Proof of Destruction?

A Certificate of Destruction from a reputable shredding company offers tangible proof that your information was securely shredded, ensuring compliance with privacy laws. With free shredding, you lack the ability to account for your information’s whereabouts or prove its secure destruction. The confidence that a Certificate of Destruction provides, especially in the event of an audit or concerns, outweighs the cost of ensuring proper information destruction.

4. Is Product Shredding Possible?

Beyond paper shredding and digital media destruction, branded products like uniforms, badges, and access cards can pose risks if not securely destroyed. Free services may not extend their offerings to include the complete and secure destruction of such products. Opting for a product destruction company equipped with industrial-grade equipment and expertise ensures the safe disposal of various materials associated with your brand, mitigating potential liabilities.

5. Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Free shredding may inadvertently contribute to environmental issues, as paper and electronic waste often end up in landfills. Partnering with a reputable shredding company that not only securely destroys paper documents and electronics but also recycles the materials, contributes to environmental sustainability. Considering the environmental impact, free shredding may not align with responsible waste management practices.

Richards & Richards, a trusted name in secure and compliant shredding since 1987, provides solutions that address these concerns. By choosing us, you opt for the secure destruction of paper, electronic devices, and products, with a commitment to recycling and protecting the environment. Our Certificate of Destruction ensures transparency and accountability in the process. For a secure and environmentally friendly approach to information destruction, call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page.

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