How Scheduled Shredding Can Ensure Compliance

Every business has a legal obligation to protect private consumer, medical, and financial data. Failure to meet regulatory ...
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What to Consider When Outsourcing Your Shredding

You have a legal and ethical responsibility to destroy outdated information. Outsourcing your shredding to a shredding and ...
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Inside a Hard Drive Shredding Service

What do you do with your outdated hard drives? Do you stockpile them in a closet or toss ...
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Reasons to Choose a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Provider

The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is an international, non-profit trade organization for the shredding and destruction ...
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9 Reasons Your Business Needs an Information Destruction Policy

Given the vast amount of paper records and digital media that build up over time, every organization has ...
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4 Things You Should Know about Data Destruction

Every digital device has a lifespan. But how do you make sure the data stored on your old ...
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Answers to Your Product Destruction Questions

Do you have an office closet, basement, or storage room filled with old and outdated products? Wondering what ...
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Text sign showing Common Mistakes Motivational Call. Conceptual photo lot of people do same action in wrong way Postcards various colour brown background lovely thoughts message memories

6 Shredding and Destruction Mistakes to Avoid

Information disposal is crucial to a solid records management program. However, many companies make mistakes when disposing of ...
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Close-up view on white conceptual keyboard - Outsourcing (blue key)

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Information Destruction

You can never be too careful when disposing of confidential information. Internal information destruction plans only offer only ...
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The Hidden Costs of In-House Shredding

Starting an in-house shredding program seems easy enough—just a matter of running to the office supply store and ...
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Fact, but not myth. The words FACT and MYTH (made from red cubes labeled with letters) are weighed in the balance. The word FACT outweighs the word MYTH. Isolated. 3D Illustration

4 Document Shredding Myths, Debunked

In an age when we’re surrounded by a vast expanse of information, it pays to know the facts. ...
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Technician with broken hard drive

5 Reasons to Destroy Unwanted Backup Media

You understand the importance of destroying outdated paper documents and use a shredding service to protect your hard ...
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