More Answers to Your Document Shredding Questions

Many multicolor question marks above the head of a personSeveral months ago, we published answers to our clients’ document shredding questions, and we received such positive feedback that we’re doing it again! Here are more document shredding questions you asked us, along with our answers.

Q: Why should I use a shredding service?

A: There are several reasons you should use a shredding service:

  1. Trained professionals collect and destroy your documents, which reduces identity theft and business fraud risks.
  2. A shredding service saves valuable employee time and the hassle of destroying documents in house using slow and unreliable office shredders.
  3. A shredding service helps your business comply with state and federal privacy laws.
  4. You gain peace of mind knowing your documents are destroyed promptly and thoroughly.

Q: Do I have to remove staples and paperclips from my documents before they’re shredded?

A: No, these items are destroyed during the shredding process and the pieces are later removed at the recycling center as the shredded paper is moved over magnetic augers.

Q: My company does not have a formal paper shredding policy. Where should I start?

A: Look for a document shredding company with Certified Secure Destruction Specialists (CSDS). These trained professionals demonstrate a high level of understanding and competency on issues pertinent to secure paper shredding and electronic media destruction. They can help you generate a comprehensive destruction policy for your company and minimize its risk exposure.

Q: Can I verify whether my shredding provider is NAID AAA Certified?

A: Yes, you can see if a potential shredding provider is NAID AAA Certified by using the using the NAID destruction services locator.

Q: Do document shredding companies shred items other than paper?

A: Yes, a few select shredding providers offer hard drive and media shredding, which gives your business a turnkey privacy protection solution.

Q: Isn’t it better to keep expired documents just in case I might need them again?

A: No, holding on to documents past their retention period puts the information they contain at risk. The longer expired documents are stored, the greater the chance that information may end up in the wrong hands. Know when to destroy your documents, and have them shredded when they reach their final disposition dates. A scheduled shredding service helps you destroy your documents on a fixed schedule.

Keep the document shredding questions coming! We love answering them!

Richards & Richards offers secure document shredding and media destruction services for businesses throughout Nashville. Do you have a question we didn’t answer here, or just want more information? Call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page.

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