Paper Shredding Services in Nashville

Downtown Nashville from the river. A large boat can be seen in the river.Stolen documents can cost an individual or business considerable time and money. Do you have a secure disposal solution for your confidential information?

Richards & Richards’ paper shredding services keep your sensitive documents out of the wrong hands. We offer a variety of document destruction options to meet your requirements. Whether you need a one-time purge of outdated paperwork or reoccurring shredding of your confidential files, our NAID AAA Certified paper shredding services keep you safe from identity theft and business fraud. Since 1987, Nashville residents and businesses have trusted us with protecting their privacy.

NAID AAA Certified Shredding Services

Richards & Richards is committed to providing you with the highest level of information security. We are AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). To maintain our certification, we must continually pass surprise audits that assess the following areas:

  • Operational security
  • Employee hiring and screening
  • Responsible disposal of material
  • Liability insurance

Your documents are shredded with the utmost attention to detail and security. We use a strict chain of custody when collecting, transporting, destroying and recycling your information. Choosing our NAID AAA Certified paper shredding services ensures your private information stays private.

Scheduled Shredding

 How do you discard confidential paperwork? Are you sure it’s secure? If you’re looking for more secure, efficient and cost-effective alternative to your office paper shredder, Richards & Richards can help. We place locked collection containers in your Nashville office so you don’t have to waste time and money using a paper shredding machine. You decide on a collection schedule, and we follow it. We destroy your documents off-site at our secure shredding plant and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for each shredding batch.

One-Time File Purges

 If unwanted documents are taking up too much space in your home or business office, our one-time file purge service is the perfect way to get rid of them. No purge is too large or too small. Whether you have a handful of documents or an entire room filled with files, we collect your records and transport them to our shredding plant for secure destruction. We can even deliver security bins to you, pick them up when you’ve filled them, and destroy your information with our NAID AAA Certified paper shredding process. Again, you receive a Certificate of Destruction at the completion of your purge project.

To find out more about our NAID AAA Certified paper shredding services in Nashville, please call us or complete the form on this page.

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