What Healthcare Providers Should Look for in a Shredding Company

A person signing a patient record form in a doctors office.

If you’re partnering with any outside organization to outsource your work, you want to use the best, especially when it comes to relinquishing healthcare information. Some may not consider shredding an integral part of healthcare, but the truth is that it’s a vital part of protecting a patient’s private health information. If any information is…

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Does Paper Shredding Really Benefit the Environment?

A plant growing out of a pot filled with paper shreddings.

Lynn’s Story As a Nashville business owner, if you were to ask me why I have a professional shredding company destroy my paper documents, I would give you a long list including: To keep file cabinets, office drawers, and desktops clear of paperwork It’s required by law to properly destroy sensitive and private information, and…

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A Day in the Life of a Mobile Shredding Truck

Hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle

In 2006, Pixar and Disney Pictures created the film Cars with multiple sequels and spin-off films that followed, all with great success. There were race cars, tow trucks, airplanes, and fire rescue vehicles, but they forgot one character: a mobile shredding truck! Fortunately for you, we have a new screenplay about a day in the…

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Everything You Need to Know about Document Shredding

A woman in a white blouse is smiling and giving a thumbs up sign with her right hand while holding a symbol of a green checkmark in her left hand.

More to it Than Meets the Eye If you haven’t ever said it yourself, you’ve likely heard someone else say, “If only I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have _______.“ It’s often the result of people who attempt a self-employed venture or take on a DIY project. Shredding documents as an individual or business can…

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Common Misconceptions about Shredding

Pensive young man thinking and looking up against blue background

There’s been no shortage of news about misinformation lately, but the concept of being misinformed is nothing new, even to children. Do you remember believing that if swallowed, it takes seven years for chewing gum to digest in your stomach? That inaccuracy was likely our parents’ attempt to prevent us from getting stomach aches. Were…

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The Many Benefits of Recurring Shredding

A white icon of a clock face inside of a gear shape surrounded by a circular arrow is on a black background

Automation We live in a culture of automation and often don’t realize how much it makes our lives easier. For instance: Cruise control on your car can get you from A to B at a steady speed while helping you avoid speeding fines and improving your vehicle’s fuel economy. Financial institutions offer automatic savings options…

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Myths about HIPAA Compliance

A man in a business suit is on his hands and knees and holding a magnifying glass while inspecting a pile of shredded paper.

An Office Conversation about HIPAA Misconceptions (Philip stands at the office shredder holding a shredded piece of paper up to the light. Harvey walks by.) Harvey: You realize there is no eclipse with the office lighting, right? Philip: Ha ha. You’re hilarious. I’m trying to determine if this shredded paper is small enough to meet…

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Not All Shredding Companies Are Created Equal

Closeup photo of a person's hand holding a pen and checking items off a list.

When you purchased your first car, you probably conducted extensive research. You checked around, sought advice, and ensured that you were getting the best options to suit your driving needs. You wanted to get the most value for your money. Similarly, you likely performed thorough research when looking for your first new home. Did you…

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2023 Updates to Data Privacy Laws

A page of a spiral-bound notebook is shown with the words "Data Privacy Lays - 2023 Updates" written in black marker.

Did you know that in 2023, more than a billion people globally welcomed the Vietnamese Year of the Cat? In 1976, Al Stewart’s song, Year of the Cat, was released and made it to number eight on the charts. In 2023, the title might be Year of Data Privacy Laws. The title isn’t exactly the…

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Financial Literacy Month is a Great Time for Shredding

A piggy bank in the shape of a house with dollar coins and bold text on dark blue background to commemorate Financial Literacy Month in April

In April 2023, National Financial Literacy Month will be recognized for 20 years of highlighting the importance of financial education. Some of the basics of financial literacy and its practical application in everyday life include banking, budgeting, handling debt, investing, and protecting your financial information. Protecting Your Financial Information Whether for business or personal purposes,…

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This Year, Celebrate Earth Day with Document Shredding

White Icon Representing The Ecological Call To Recycle And Reuse Package On Bokeh Background Of Green Field and Trees

April 22nd is Earth Day. It happens on the same date every year. It all began in 1969 when US Senator Gaylord Nelson brought attention to the negative effect modern life was having on the environment and decided this could be a teaching moment for our nation. 54 years later, Earth Day is become recognized…

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Why Chain of Custody Matters in Shredding

A lock and shield icon is laid over an image of shredded paper

By law, any generator of private information is required to destroy expired confidential documents, and secure shredding is the recommended destruction method. Even though your information has remained in your control for its whole lifespan, if you put it into the hands of a third-party organization for shredding, you need to know that you can…

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