The Benefits of Document Shredding for Medical Practices

A blonde woman in white blouse and yellow skirt is removing paper from a purple waste basket in an open office space with books on shelves in the background.

POV: Medical Practice Office Manager We have a local college student doing her medical administrative placement with us. She is absolutely wonderful. She is motivated, inquisitive, teachable and a quick learner. One of her most recent learning experiences occurred when I saw her tearing up medical documents she had just printed and was tossing them…

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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

Smiling business woman is sitting at a desk and reading a document

One day I was sorting through the mail when I noticed that one envelope was from the shredding company that regularly destroys all our documents. I’ve just recently started working here, so when I pulled out a document that had “Certificate of Destruction” written across the top of it, I was intrigued but confused. What…

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6 Document Shredding Benefits for Accountants

Professional woman in dark suit with white blouse is smiling and sitting at a desk with a computer, papers, calculator and shelves of documents in the background

Business mentor and author, Jana Kingsford, said, “Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create.” Balance helps to keep you and everything you do in equilibrium. I would imagine that, as an accountant, understanding the necessity and value of balance comes easier because balance is everything in your job. The books must always…

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How Paper Shredding Goes Hand-in-Hand with Earth Day

Illustrated image of two hands holding the earth which has two green leaves sprouting from the top

The Canopy Project™ is an initiative of™ and improves our shared environment by planting trees across the globe. Since 2010, they have planted tens of millions of trees worldwide. What a fantastic way to strengthen communities! And do you know what works hand-in-hand with planting trees? Responsible and secure paper shredding to make the…

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How Does a Drop-Off Shredding Service Work?

Blank paper bags in a car trunk

What are you doing with your personal receipts, past bank statements, tax records, and medical documents? If you’re throwing them into the garbage or recycling bin, you have dramatically increased your likelihood of having your identity stolen, bank accounts compromised, and credit cards hijacked. You are placing your personal information in the most ideal location…

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What Happens to Your Shredded Documents?

Imagine that one day you open up a ream of paper and you find a golden ticket that entitles you to tour a paper recycling plant—only your name isn’t Charlie, there’s no chocolate involved, and you won’t be inheriting the recycling plant at the end—even if you’ve been good. Lucky you! If, after all that…

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What Can and Can’t Go in a Shred Collection Container

Hand-drawn green circle with green checkmark and red circle with red X indicating yes and no

Bad Mixes Some things should never go together. For instance, vinegar and bleach creates potentially-lethal chlorine gas. Grapefruit and medicine should not be mixed, otherwise the medicine won’t break down properly and will stay in your stomach. And don’t combine milk and Red Bull energy drink. (I know, who would mix those?) Trust me—you don’t…

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Fend Off the Lawyers by Shredding Everything

Male lawyer in the office with brass scale.

Leading a thriving organization is hard work, and when something slips through the cracks that causes lawyers to come knocking on your door, it quickly derails your effectiveness and becomes counterproductive to your mission and purpose—not to mention the financial ramifications. Some of these “cracks” in the records management process can be fixed with some…

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What is NAID AAA Certification and Why Is It So Important?

How would you choose a reputable data destruction company for your business? Forbes indicates that 92% of consumers trust friend and family recommendations over all forms of advertising. 64% of marketing executives believe word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. When you search out a service provider, what sources of information do…

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The True Cost of In-House Shredding

Have you ever heard a commercial on the radio that was so bad, you asked, “Why don’t they get a professional actor to do that instead of doing it themselves?” Now, ask yourself the same question about shredding. If your only reason to shred in-house is to save money, you should know it’s likely you…

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