The Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shredding Provider

a blue sticky note with the words "Decision Making" and a worried face sits on top of 5 yellow sticky notes each with one word on it. Those words are options, input, benefits, risks and research. A background of white sticky notes fills the space.

With identity theft and business privacy breaches at an all-time high, secure destruction of your important business documents is big business. Unfortunately, the space is crowded with fly-by-night vendors hoping to make a quick buck. To ensure the highest standard of service and privacy protection for your business, consider these top factors when choosing a…

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Get Down to Business with a Spring Cleaning Event

A messy home office

As Daylight Saving Time begins and tax season comes to the close, there’s not a better way to get rid of excess clutter in your office. Here are several ways to get to business with a spring cleaning event for your company. Start With a Document Inventory Before you can start a spring cleaning project,…

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