You Have to Store Your Records in a Commercial Records Center. Here’s Why.

It’s an inescapable fact that you have business records that need to be retained for legal, administrative and operational purposes. And there’s no getting around the need for storage. Here are several reasons why you should store your records in a commercial records center.

Save Money on Office Space

Office space is expensive and fills up quickly when used to store paper documents. Fortunately, a commercial records center offers a more economical solution for storing your business records. Your documents are stored off-site at a lower cost per square foot and it requires no filing cabinets or equipment or software from you. The space you save by using a commercial records center can be used to generate revenue or reduce your overall real estate costs.

Gain Information Security and Document Protection

Poor records security and improper storage are the leading causes of business fraud, identity theft and data loss. A commercial records center protects your information from unauthorized access and physical damage from fires, floods, and natural disasters. Access to the facility is limited to your records storage provider’s screened personnel. Only pre-authorized staff in your organization can request records from storage. The facility is designed with the following features to ensure the long-term safety and protection of your documents:

  • Perimeter security
  • In-rack fire suppression systems
  • Security camera monitoring

Strict information handling procedures are followed to maintain chain of custody for your records at all times.

Quick, Cost-Effective Information Access

The time and money you spend searching for and retrieving documents adds up, especially if you don’t have a file system that keeps your records organized properly. And costly and time-consuming file administration can negatively impact the ability to provide exceptional service to your customers and clients.

A commercial records center offers professional pickup, retrieval and delivery of your business records. Barcode tracking and inventory technology gives you online access to your off-site inventory and lets you request files as needed. Your records can be retrieved and delivered at any time, day or night, seven days a week. Besides same day service, your records storage also offers the following delivery options:

  • 1-hour delivery
  • Holiday delivery
  • Scan on Demand with digital delivery

Optimal Retention Management

Knowing how long to retaining your records is just as important as keeping them safe from disaster and unauthorized access. Not following local, state and federal retention requirements can cost your company thousands of dollars in fines.

A commercial records center is staffed by records management professionals who categorize and index your files according to your business and industry’s document retention requirements. The same inventory management technology that lets you request your files also tracks and monitors the retention schedule for each record so you can generate a variety of customized, digital reports. You automatically receive alerts when your cartons and files reach their expiration date. With your written authorization, your records storage provider securely destroys the cartons and issues a Certificate of Destruction. As a result, you have a complete audit trail of your records retention activity.

A commercial records center ensures your business documents are always safe, secure, properly managed, and easily accessible.

Richards & Richards provides records storage and management solutions for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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