Upgrading Your Information Security and Recovery Capabilities in 2016

Information security and recovery is essential for any business. Unfortunately, protecting your data and making sure it can be recovered at a moment’s notice isn’t a “one-and-done” process. Just like your car or the software on your computer, it needs regular maintenance and fine-tuning. Here are several ways to upgrade your information security and recovery capabilities in 2016.

Assess Your Risk Profile

Your business has a unique risk profile based on the services it provides, the information it utilizes and the privacy breach threats common to your industry. As a result, your information security and recovery upgrade should begin with a risk assessment.

For example, according to the Ponemon Institute, ninety-one percent of healthcare organizations have had at least one data breach involving the theft or loss of patient data in the last two years. In 2014, 18 health care providers reported data breaches from hacking. So if you’re a healthcare provider, it makes sense to verify the security of your network and how your staff handles and transmits patient data.

Whether in the healthcare, legal, or retail sector, your organization can assess its risk profile by verifying:

  • How information is collected, stored and distributed
  • Who has access to information
  • How data is protected

Simplify Backup Processes

Data backup ensures you can successfully recover lost or stolen information, but only if your backup process is secure and error-free. If you lack time, resources and administrative oversight, it is impossible to guarantee that your backup information is secure and will be recoverable.

A cloud backup solution upgrades your information security and recovery processes by simplifying your backup process. Any data you wish to back up, including data on your servers, computers and mobile devices, is automatically encrypted and uploaded to a purpose-built data center for protection. Cloud backup eliminates slow, manual backup processes and allows your data to be recovered quickly following a data loss event.

Enhance Off-Site Data Storage

If your data protection strategy includes offline backup, it’s essential to keep your tapes safe and secure. A media vault offers a superior solution for protecting and preserving your back up media off-site. Built with ceramic fiber walls to protect your tapes from the intense heat given off by a fire, it also offers the following security features:

  • Waterless fire suppression system
  • Video surveillance technology
  • Entry access controls
  • Media-specific temperature and humidity regulation

Barcode technology tracks your tapes so they can be quickly retrieved and delivered during a disaster. With all of these features working together, you can rest assured that your backup media is safe.

An off-site data storage solution enhances your company’s information security and recovery capabilities. When you upgrade your information security and recovery capabilities, your entire organization benefits.

Richards & Richards provides data protection solutions for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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