The Top 5 Backup Questions, Answered

Data concept: Painted red word Data Backup on Digital Data Paper backgroundConsidering the multitude of ways business data is compromised, backup is a popular topic. With increasing risks and the huge liabilities caused by any data breach, our clients want to make sure their backup strategy is solid. In this blog, we answer the top five backup questions.

Q: Why do I need a backup plan?

A: A backup plan is essential to a strong and effective business continuity strategy; it ensures your data can be recovered if stolen or damaged.

Q: What data should I back Up?

A: Any data essential to keeping your business running should be backed up, including tax records, customer files, and financial data.

Q: How often should I back Up?

A: Back up your data as often as possible. A combination of daily, weekly and monthly backups protect your data from ongoing threats and ensures data restoration at any point in time. Whether you choose a cloud, offline or hybrid backup solution, implement a backup routine for safeguarding data across your enterprise and stick to it. Be sure to rotate your backup media so if one device fails, another can take its place.

Q: What’s the difference between cloud backup and offline backup?

A: With cloud backup, your data is automatically backed up and transferred online to a secure, digital data center. Offline backup is the process of copying your data to a physical tape or hard drive. It’s cost-effective, secure and efficient for backing up large volumes of data. Always supplement an offline backup strategy with a reliable and secure offsite media storage and rotation solution.

Q: Where should I store my backup tapes?

A: Store backup tapes in a place that ensures their preservation and security. A purpose-built data vault offers both. A steel door equipped with a combination lock provides an impenetrable barrier from fire and unauthorized access. Motion sensors and video surveillance systems offer an added layer of security.

Only authorized data protection personnel, who undergo background checks and drug screening prior to employment, are allowed access inside the data vault. An advanced climate-control system keeps the temperature below 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) and the relative humidity at less than 40%. The vault is kept extremely clean to minimize particles in the air that can damage your tapes.

Use these answers to build or enhance your backup strategy in 2018!

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