The Top 10 Excuses for Not Storing Business Documents Offsite

no excuses tell the truth, take responsibility and have no regrets. stop lying Being responsible and taking responsibilities is better than telling lies. Say sorry is not enough! No excuse!The thing we miss most about Late Night with David Letterman are his “Top 10” lists. So we’ve decided to put our own list together. Here are the top ten excuses for not storing business documents offsite:

10. My Documents Are Stored Safely in My Basement

A damp, dusty basement is the last place to store important business information. Basements are mold-prone and home to mice, silverfish, cockroaches and book lice, all of which love to feed on paper documents. If you care about preserving your business documents long term, you’ll store them in a commercial records center instead.

9. My Business Is Disaster Proof

Even if your business isn’t in a flood zone or on top of an earthquake fault line, your documents are vulnerable to disasters. What if your fire sprinklers malfunction or a water pipe bursts? It doesn’t take a catastrophic natural disaster to lose access to mission-critical documents and files. Offsite document storage protects your records from a wide range of risks.

8. I Can’t Afford Not to Have Access to My Files

Offsite records storage makes your files easily accessible while protecting them. They are professionally organized, indexed, and tracked with barcodes so you have access to them 24/7/365.

7. Offsite Records Storage Is Expensive

According to research done by the commercial real estate company CBRE, Nashville’s office rental rates are at an all-time high of $22.57 per square foot. Considering a standard file cabinet takes approximately eight square feet of space, the average cost of storing a single cabinet of documents is $180 per month. The same number of documents can be stored at an offsite document storage facility for a fraction of the cost. And you save on your administrative costs as well.

6. I Only Have a Few Boxes of Records

Whether you have four or 4,000 boxes of records, offsite document storage offers a cost-effective solution for protecting and managing your documents. Unlike a self-storage facility where you have to rent an entire storage unit, in a commercial records center, you only pay for the actual space you use.

5. I’m Going to Shred My Documents…Eventually

Most business records have a final disposition date. A commercial records center notifies you when documents are eligible for review or destruction. Look for a records storage and management provider that shreds documents with NAID AAA Certified processes at the end of their retention lifecycle.

4. Records Retrieval Takes Too Long

A records storage service streamlines your document-retrieval processes. You can have your records hand-delivered the same day or receive them even faster with Scan on Demand.

3. I Need to Keep Close Tabs on My Records

Barcode tracking is the most accurate and efficient way to track your records. With tracking software, a commercial records center allows only authorized requestors to retrieve document, logs when a box or file was requested, who asked for it to be delivered, and when it came back to the record center.

2. In-House Storage Is Safe

One of the biggest threats to any organization is its own employees. Dishonest or disgruntled employees know where sensitive information is stored, and they have easy access to it.

A commercial records center prevents unauthorized access to your documents with a three-point security system that features:

  • Fences
  • Internal and external surveillance cameras
  • Magnetic, logged locks

The perimeter fencing of the campus should feature barbed wire and monitored access gates. Only screened and background-checked records management professionals should have unlimited access to the records center.

1. I Don’t Know of a Dependable, Local Records Storage Provider

At Richards & Richards, we have a long-standing reputation as Nashville’s dependable, locally-owned records storage and management provider. Many of Nashville’s largest law firms, hospitals, banks, financial service providers, government institutions, accounting firms and corporations depend on us to store and manage their records.

So enough with the excuses. Invest in an offsite document storage solution today!

Richards & Richards provides records storage and management services for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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