The Top Excuses for Not Scanning Documents

Hand writing text caption No Excuses. Business concept for Stop Ban for Excuse Written tablet laptop, wooden background with businessman hand, finger holding PC.If you want to get ahead in business, don’t be like Homer Simpson, the patriarch of the fictional Simpson family that has an excuse for everything. In the spirit of Homer, we share the top excuses for not scanning documents and explain how and these excuses undermine business productivity and profitability.

1. I don’t have time

This may be true if you’re using a desktop scanner to digitize your documents, requiring weeks or even months to complete your scanning project. But when you outsource your scanning project to a qualified document imaging partner, the job gets done in just a few days. Professional scanning technicians organize and index your documents, then use high-speed scanners to convert them to digital images. You get a total scanning solution without having to lift a finger.

2. I have file cabinets

No matter how well organized you are, getting up from your desk to pull files takes time. And those file cabinets eat up valuable space, especially when you consider what you’re paying per square foot to lease your office. Right now, Nashville’s office rental rates are at an all-time high of $22.57 per square foot. Since a standard file cabinet occupies approximately eight square feet of floor space, the average cost of storing a single file cabinet is $180 per month.

Document scanning allows you to find important files quickly with the click of a mouse. Optical character recognition (OCR) software applied during the scanning process helps you pinpoint information with keyword searches, without having to leave your desk. As a result, you can happily say goodbye to your costly, inconvenient file cabinets for good.

3. I can’t afford to scan all my documents

The great news is that you don’t have to. With a Scan on Demand service, you can store your less-active documents offsite in a secure records center. When and if you need a file, it’s scanned and sent to you digitally. Scan on demand offers a cost-effective and scalable document scanning solution for your business.

4. I don’t want my digital files hacked

With cybercrime at an all-time high, hacking is a valid concern. But if you choose a document imaging provider who takes your privacy seriously, there’s no need to worry. Find a scanning partner who stores your digital files in a secure, hardened data center and offers a HIPAA-compliant Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS). Your data should never be shared with third parties and file access permissions should be individually customized for enhanced user-level security.

If you want to reap the benefits of a document scanning solution, don’t let excuses hold you back.

Richards & Richards offers secure records and information management services for businesses throughout Nashville.

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