The Top 4 Signs It’s Time for Your Office to Go Paperless

File Cabinet Overload
A paperless office has become the norm in a wide range of industries. Just because your company still relies on paper doesn’t mean you can’t start incorporating digital records into your business processes right now. Use the list below to see if the time is right for your business to go paperless.

1. You refer to your file cabinet as “the vortex”

You know you have a problem when you make up derogatory nicknames for your office equipment. File cabinets are supposed to keep you organized, not make you frustrated. When you spend priceless minutes a day riffling through them to find important files, though, it’s no wonder if they become a source of tension. Sometimes it’s impossible to know whether a colleague has misfiled the document you need or has simply forgotten to return it to the filing cabinet. Digital files, on the other hand, can be searched for electronically and viewed by multiple users simultaneously with all activity logged and tracked.

2. Customer service complaints are becoming more common

You’ve worked hard to build a loyal client base. So when your customers complain about slow service, you should look at how long it takes to fulfill requests using paper files. Digital files can be found and distributed with the click of a mouse, enabling faster response times and expedited customer service for happier, more satisfied customers.

3. The office seems to have shrunk

When you leased your office several years ago, there seemed to be plenty of room. Now boxes of documents and file cabinets have taken up every cubic foot of space. It’s not just claustrophobic; it’s counterproductive. It also makes you look disorganized and unprofessional to your visitors. Document scanning helps you reclaim your office for more productive and profitable activities and makes your clients feel more comfortable.

4. The recycling bins are overflowing with documents

A corporate recycling program is a great way to help the environment. When your recycling bins are overflowing with documents, though, it’s a good indication of how much time, money and effort your business is spending on paper. Going paperless reduces your operating and recycling costs for a healthier bottom line, both for your office and for the environment.

If the signs we’ve listed here point to a paperless solution for your business, you know it’s time to look for a local, professional document scanning service.

Richards & Richards provides document scanning and imaging services for businesses throughout the greater Nashville area. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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