The Risk of Self Storage for Business Records

Self Storage facility

From crowded urban areas to rural country roads, self storage facilities dot the landscape of America. For a relatively low cost, items can be easily stored and leisurely accessed at will. As a result, more small businesses are turning to self storage to address their document retention needs.

Let’s face it, office space is expensive. Revenue spent on maintaining and storing files is better spent on generating more business, which makes self storage seem like a no brainer. But with a multitude of risks, self storage is one of the least secure and reliable options for your confidential records.

One of the biggest problems is the lack of oversight and control at self storage facilities. Unlike a commercial records center which is designed exclusively for document storage and staffed by screened, trained professionals, virtually anything can be stored in a self storage unit. Since items are not inspected upon their arrival, this can include flammable and corrosive material. The proximity of units to one another means that the items on the other side of the wall from your records may be a potential fire hazard.

Similarly, self storage units are notoriously leaky and moldy. This can prove disastrous to archival documents and files that may need to be retained for several years to meet compliance and legal standards. A professional Records and Information Management company has to meet strict fire protection and building standards in order to alleviate potential risks from fire, water and mold.

Additionally, the lack of comprehensive security systems and unregulated access represents one of the biggest risks of self storage. It is no surprise that illegal activity and theft has become rampant at self storage units. With identity theft becoming such a lucrative business, sensitive and confidential information contained in business records stored at self storage units has become an easy target for thieves.

A professional Records and Information Management company specializing in the security and preservation of business records is the most reliable option for the long term retention of your documents and files. For over 25 years, Richards & Richards has provided businesses in Nashville with quality Records Storage services. For more information about how we can help meet your retention needs, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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