The 10 Best Reasons to Shred Your Documents

Close Up Of Black Pen On White Note Pad With List Of NumbersYou have a thousand agenda items on your “to-do” list, and document shredding may be at the bottom. But reading this blog post could change your mind. Here are 10 good reasons to shred your documents:

1. Identity Theft Prevention

Personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) should be shredded when it’s no longer needed. Most office paper shredders are limited to basic strip cutting, enabling documents reassembly by hand or using specialized software. Fortunately, when you outsource your document destruction to a qualified shredding provider, PII and PHI are destroyed beyond recognition with state-of-the-art destruction equipment.

2. It’s the Law

Healthcare organizations, law firms, financial services providers, and many other business sectors have a legal obligation to protect information. Document shredding ensures your company is complying with the following laws:

  • SOX
  • GLB

3. Customer Confidence

Your customers trust you with their personal, medical and financial information. So a document-shredding policy gives your customers confidence knowing their information is destroyed securely.

4. Clutter Reduction

An office cluttered with documents and boxes of files can dampen employee productivity and morale, creating a disorganized, uncared-for feeling. Document shredding reduces unnecessary paper waste so your organization stays efficient and positive.

5. Shredding Protects the Environment

Companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs encourage paper recycling. An environmentally-responsible paper shredding company destroys old paper records, bales the shredded waste, and sends it to a secure recycling partner. At the recycling facility, shredded paper is made into a wide variety of recycled paper products.

6. Employee Privacy

Employers must protect the confidentiality of employee records and personnel files. A document shredding policy ensures you destroy employee documents at the end of their retention lifespan.

7. Fire Hazard Reduction

Nothing burns more easily than paper. Stack of piles of paper in closets and corners are fire hazard risks. So regular purging and professional shredding of old and unwanted documents keep paper waste and fire hazards at bay.

8. Reputation Management

You spend valuable time building your business brand. Document shredding prevents privacy breaches that can undermine and permanently damage your organization’s reputation.

9. Convenience

Nothing is more inconvenient than shredding documents with an office shredder. A secure shredding service eliminates having to remove staples and paper clips from your documents before feeding them into the shredding machine. We place secure shredding collection containers are strategically throughout your office, enabling files to be disposed of quickly. Depending on the volume of information your business needs to shred, collection of security collection containers occurs on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Then we shred your documents within our secure chain of custody.

10. Peace of Mind

When and how you destroy your documents has a direct impact on your vulnerability to identity theft and business fraud. A NAID AAA Certified professional shredding service gives you peace of mind knowing your documents are destroyed completely and in a verifiable manner.

Richards & Richards offers secure document shredding and media destruction services for businesses throughout Nashville.

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