Streamlining Your File Management Processes and Costs

File cabinets

Do you spend as much time looking for documents as you do actually utilizing them? Does your business struggle to keep up with an increasing amount of information? Has a misplaced document caused a customer to take their business elsewhere? Are your employees frustrated with the time it takes to sort, file and index your records? It sounds like you may have a file (mis)management problem.

Get rid of duplicate copies

When files are mismanaged, documents can be unnecessarily duplicated, which increases your storage and administrative overhead. Scheduling periodic purges helps to cull your office records inventory and cut these costs. With a one-time shredding service, documents can be securely destroyed without impacting employee workflow. Secure shredding receptacles are delivered at your convenience and collected when you’ve filled them. A Certificate of Destruction is provided to you as verification for audit requirements.

Prevent records from piling up

After a one-time purge shredding service, many companies switch to a scheduled shred service. Again, secure shredding receptacles are used to collect sensitive documents for destruction. A scheduled shred service eliminates unnecessary buildup of expired files by providing a solution far more expedient than the use of office shredders. Because dropping whole files in a shred bin is so quick and easy, confidential records are more likely to be disposed of in a timely manner, increasing privacy protection for your business.

Become less paper dependent

It’s not necessary to get rid of all your paper records, but converting as many as possible to digital files can make your life a lot easier. Digital files offer a number of benefits:

  • less space needed to store paper documents
  • less time spent manually retrieving information
  • data can be accessed and shared remotely

Start with converting your most active business documents to a digital format. The scanning process is faster and more accurate when a professional document scanning service is used. It also allows your digital files to be properly:

  • formatted
  • labeled
  • indexed
  • hosted

Outsource storage and indexing

The less paper you have to manage within your office, the more time you have for revenue growth. Infrequently accessed files can be sent offsite as part of a records storage service, which offers faster access and retrieval of documents than is typical with a manual in-house method. Records can be retrieved and delivered the same day. Files are also properly indexed, labeled and verified in support of internal audit and regulatory compliance requirements.

The benefits of better file management

Good file management has a snowball effect on your business. When documents can be easily found and accessed, your clients and employees are happier. Your risk of non-compliance is reduced, there’s less chance your company will become victim to a privacy breach, and your operating costs can be cut so that your organization becomes more profitable.

Now is the perfect time of year to make better file management a priority. Even if you can’t implement all of the solutions mentioned here, one or two can still make a difference. A year from now, you’ll notice a positive change in your organization.

Richards & Richards provides records and information management solutions to business throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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