The Spooky Things That Could Happen to Your Information

spooky things with file and document management

Have you considered the risks to your business information, or is the task of simply managing your data more than enough to think about? Information management and data security go hand in hand, so focusing on one at the expense of the other can create problems for your business. Because you’re so dependent on your information, it’s worthwhile to consider the chilling things that could happen to it. With Halloween lurking right around the corner, the month of October seems like the perfect time.

Documents stolen from the trash

You may be making it easy for thieves to steal your business information. All they have to do is go through your trash. Even with the use of shredding machines, it’s not uncommon for confidential paperwork to get thrown out daily without being shredded. In addition to being cumbersome and time-consuming to use, it is difficult to monitor employee use of shredding machines. However, this problem is eliminated when secure document disposal is made as easy as tossing a file in a recycle bin. Shred collection containers offer a secure option for disposing of paperwork. Files can be tossed into the container where they are securely stored for regular collection and shredding by a professional document destruction company.

Permanent loss of data stored on-site

Having no disaster recovery plan can mean the end of your business. When vital business documents and data are stored on-site, you are assuming a large amount of risk. A leaky water pipe could destroy a whole inventory of paper files. In addition to permanently wrecking hardcopy documents, a fire, flood or other natural disaster would most likely destroy your electronic data as well.

Therefore, it’s wise to store vital business documents, archival and/or historical files and electronic backup media in an offsite location separate from your primary business location. When choosing a location, keep in mind that hardcopy information and digital data have very different storage requirements. By engaging a full-service records and information management company, you’ll be offered both records storage and media vaulting options.

Regulatory non-compliance

Non-compliance with laws and regulations not only increases legal risks for your business but can also permanently damage your company’s brand and reputation. Formalized document management policies and procedures can help, beginning with how information is tracked. At any moment, you should be able to pinpoint a specific file and view all data associated with that file. It’s easy to run into problems if documents are not properly organized, indexed and labeled.

A records management support service helps by verifying your document inventory, creating a file system, and making sure that retention schedules are up-to-date and adhered to. Outsourcing the storage and management of your documents enables:

  • greater audit success
  • lower overhead and internal administrative costs
  • increased focus on revenue generation

Richards & Richards provides records and information management solutions to business throughout Nashville. For more information about how we can strengthen data security for your company, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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