Scary Stuff: Information Management Horror Stories

Scary Halloween pumpkinIt’s no secret: Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We love sharing candy, carving pumpkins and best of all, being spooked. If this season’s array of ghosts, goblins and ghouls don’t give you the heebie-jeebies, these scary information management stories surely will!

Document-Devouring Creatures

There’s no more room for your business files, so storing them in the basement seems like a no-brainer. You haul your boxes down the stairs and stack them neatly in the corner. Months later, you need a document from the basement but are greeted with a nightmare when you open the boxes. Your files have holes, skinned areas and missing corners. Basements and other humid storage areas are home to mice, silverfish, cockroaches and book lice, any of which can cause irreversible damage to your documents.

Instead of storing your documents in a basement, choose a clean, climate-controlled storage facility. A commercial records center offers the most pristine environment for storing your records. The floor is swept daily and pest management systems are used to prevent pests from damaging or destroying your document inventories.

Creepy File-Snatchers

A client file has gone missing. You always put documents back in the file cabinet after using them. Panic starts to set in when you realize the file contains sensitive personal and financial information. Turning your office upside down looking for the file yields no results. The only other people with access to your documents are colleagues. Your stomach starts to turn when you realize you may have been a victim of employee theft.

Insider data breaches are on the rise. To prevent this scary story from becoming a reality, always store sensitive and confidential files off-site in a commercial records center. The facility is designed with the following features to ensure the long-term safety and protection of your documents:

  • Perimeter security
  • In-rack fire suppression systems
  • Security camera monitoring

Strict information handling procedures are followed to maintain chain of custody for your records at all times.

Dumpster Stalkers

Even though you’ve heard about thieves that stalk business dumpsters looking for personal and financial paperwork, you may think you’re immune to the threat since you’re shredding your paperwork in-house. Think again. Thieves even steal bags of shredded documents, which can be reconstructed.

You can keep dumpster stalkers at bay with a secure shredding service. Document collection containers are brought to your business so files can be securely dropped inside. The contents are collected regularly by a uniformed and background- screened shredding technician and shredded by industrial-grade equipment. This is how to keep your confidential information out of a dumpster where it could be stolen.

Save the spooky stuff for Halloween by having the right information management practices in place!

Richards & Richards provides records storage solutions for Nashville businesses. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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