Scan on Demand: No Searching, No Lifting and No Stress

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You’ve just dropped off the last of several truckloads of office documents to your self storage unit. Awash with exhaustion and a sense of relief, you return to your office where it seems as if the space has quadrupled since you’ve cleared everything out. A couple of hours later you receive a phone call from a client; it’s been a while since you last talked. She’s calling to ask for a copy of an escrow document for refinancing her home and needs it ASAP. You tell her that you’ll have it for her in a few hours but it’s only after you hang up the phone that you realize it’s not in your office anymore—it’s now at your self storage unit.

You hop in the car and drive back over to the facility. Once you arrive and roll back the door on your unit, you have to force yourself to take a deep breath. Boxes are stacked everywhere with no rhyme or reason and some aren’t even labeled. It could take several days to find that client’s document.

A superior off-site solution that offers fast document access

It’s a nightmare scenario indeed, but one that can easily occur when you store your records in a self storage facility. As opposed to a professional records center, self storage does not offer:

  • record indexing services
  • barcode tracking of files
  • pickup and delivery of boxes

The list goes on and on. And what seems like a convenient storage option often proves to be otherwise. In that type of time-sensitive situation, a professional records storage service could get you the physical file you need the next day. But imagine if you were able to send a client a requested file in a matter of hours. Doing that could result in keeping them as a valued customer over the long term and/or a referral for new business. These days the faster you can gain access to data and provide your clients with the information they need, the more likely your business will thrive.

The impact of quick access to your business information

Near-instantaneous access to information is a possibility with a Scan on Demand solution. Your record storage and management solution provider can take any document you have stored off-site in their commercial records center and convert it to an electronic image whenever you need it. Take, for instance, the aforementioned scenario where your client calls you with an urgent need for a specific document. While you’re talking to her, you can login in to a secure database, view the inventory you have stored off-site, and then make a request for your records storage vendor to send that document to you electronically. On the other end, your request is received and the following procedures take place:

  • the document is located at its assigned shelf location
  • its barcode is scanned
  • the item is imaged and converted into a digital file
  • the digital file is sent directly to you using secure file transfer protocol (FTP)

There’s no searching through file cabinets, no heavy lifting and—perhaps best of all—no stress.

Reliable, effective and efficient

Scan on Demand is one of the most effective and efficient methods of gaining better access to the information you need. And it also saves you money. Instead of having to scan and convert all of your hardcopy documents to electronic images, including documents you may never be required to access, you only image the precise documents you need in a digital format.

Richards & Richards provides businesses throughout Nashville with records storage and management services. To find out more about our Scan on Demand solution, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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