Your Order Requests Made Easy

You have a need to access the information stored within our facility. Submitting pickup or delivery requests with immediacy is a key capability of RRMobile.

Empowers You With Efficiency

RRMobile is an app that allows you to seamlessly connect to our record center with your Android™ or Apple™ device. It enables you to easily and immediately place orders; check on their statuses; drill down to order details; and look up data on individual items stored in our facility 5.0. Additionally, RRMobile allows you to scan a container, or file folder right from your device.

RRMobile provides you with greater control and significantly enhances your ability to work with us. No longer do you have to key in an order, or look up information, saving time and eliminating potential errors.



Android and Apple User Friendly

RRMobile uses the native controls of each Android or Apple device. You can swipe, tap and use hard keys the way you’re used to doing with mobile devices and with other applications.

See an address in RRMobile? Tap on the link to open Google or Apple Maps. See a phone number? Tap on it to dial the number. Using native controls gives you a familiar experience through all of the applications they normally use.

Context sensitive help is another area where we’ve planned ahead for ease of use. From virtually anywhere in RRMobile, you can tap on the Help option, to open web-based information related to the area they are using.

Extensive Search Capabilities

You can search the following available fields: Tracking and Batch Numbers, Order Status, Ordered By, Ordered Date, Requestor, Service Priority, and Saved Searches. RRMobile also allows for searches with multiple fields, which can be saved for use again in the future. Once a search is completed, basic information regarding pickup/delivery orders is displayed on the screen. A simple swipe up and down, or left or right enables you to take the action required.

To find out more, please contact us at 615.242.9600
or fill in the form on this page to request the app.