Records Management Risks That Haunt You Year-Round

Risk Management in records management
‘Tis the season of ghosts and monsters, but data breaches leading to client identity theft can put the real scare into your Halloween. Managing business records has become increasingly difficult for organizations of all sizes. The more information there is, the harder it can be keeping up with it all. In the spirit of the season, we outline important records management risks to be aware of, so they don’t haunt you year round.

The vanishing file

Companies across a wide range of industries continue to rely on paper records to support their business processes. But when a file goes missing there may also be ton of damage incurred, including:

  • lawsuits
  • loss of clients
  • breach notification costs
  • regulatory fines
  • damaged business reputation

Problems often occur due to a lack of internal resources, reliance on poor document storage alternatives, and/or failure to adhere to retention guidelines. Even with a relatively small amount of paper documents to manage, without the proper systems and processes, hardcopy records can disappear—some get misplaced and lost, and others vanish as a result of theft and malicious intent. A professional records storage and management solution offers privacy protection for confidential documents, prevents unauthorized access to records, and uses barcode tracking and inventory technology to create a stress-free file management system for your company.

Terrorizing data loss

The loss of critical business data can be more frightening than the scariest horror movie. The plot goes something like this: A natural disaster has destroyed your business facilities. Luckily, your personnel are unharmed, but your data is another story. Suddenly you realize none of your backup tapes were moved offsite, so they too have been destroyed. As a result, your business can’t survive.

When you think about how vital your computer data is to the survival of your business, it becomes obvious that it deserves robust protection. Backup media should never be stored on-site at your facility. Instead, each backup should be transferred to a secure, off-site facility. A self-storage facility, safe deposit box, or private residence won’t work. Your computer media is very sensitive, meaning that even a little moisture, heat, or physical shock can degrade the data stored within. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this problem. A media vault provides the optimal environment for the security and long-term preservation of backup media, offering:

  • magnetic shielding
  • environmental control sensors
  • fire protection and suppression
  • ceramic heat insulation
  • round-the-clock video surveillance

Since a media vault is operated and managed by data protection specialists, your critical backup can always be located and retrieved 365 days a year, at any hour, to support data recovery initiatives.

The unknown lurking in the trash

It should come as no surprise that dumpsters are popular haunts for criminals seeking access to personal information. Your business information can easily land in the trash without secure, verifiable document disposal processes. A professional shredding service eliminates time-consuming internal shredding processes and ensures that sensitive paperwork is disposed of in a timely and secure manner. Locked bins are placed in your office where documents can be dropped and kept secure until they are collected and destroyed by screened professionals with a NAID AAA Certified shredding services provider.

Richards & Richards provides records and information management solutions to business throughout Nashville. For more information about how we can strengthen data security for your company, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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