Records Management to the Rescue

superhero businessman looking at city skyline at sunset. the conRunning a successful business means having a handle on document security, information accessibility and retention compliance. Without the right resources, your organization drowns under the weight of cost, risk and inefficiency. Here are several ways records management comes to the rescue:


Inefficient file retrieval processes dampen business productivity. Records management helps by making it easy to find and access your business records. When stored offsite in a commercial records center, your documents are barcoded, tracked and delivered to your office when you need them. They can even be converted to digital images when requested, and sent digitally to your desktop with a Scan on Demand service.


When you keep documents too long or destroy them too soon, you expose your business to potential fines and penalties. Records management eliminates non-compliance risks by keeping your documents organized throughout the retention lifecycle. Specialized records technology with a secure web link helps you stay on top of compliance requirements by offering the following capabilities:

  • Remote inventory control
  • Audit reporting
  • Final disposition authorization

From the time your documents are created until the time they’re destroyed, records management ensures regulatory compliance for your business.

Employee and Client Protection

 You have a responsibility to protect your employees and clients from identity theft. Secure records management eliminates in-house risks that can lead to the misuse of personal information.

Records centers are designed with the following features to protect paper documents from unauthorized access and physical damage:

  • Perimeter security
  • Secured access control systems
  • Security camera monitoring

Your personnel and customer records are stored, managed and delivered with a strict chain of custody at all times.

File Disposal

 If you’re spending time everyday using an office paper shredder, records management comes to the rescue by streamlining your document disposal processes. Security containers are strategically placed throughout your office, making the disposal of files quick and safe. A screened shredding technician then collects your security containers on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule for NAID AAA Certified destruction. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction each time your documents are destroyed.

When you choose a records management solution for your business, you’ll save time and money, increase compliance and safeguard your employees’ and clients’ critical information.

Richards & Richards provides records management services for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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