Additional Records Management Services

To support our Records Management services, Richards and Richards provides the following support services

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Audit Rooms

The Richards & Richards records center has audit rooms available for you to review your documents at any time. They can be made available for various time frames and volume levels. For our clients, audit rooms will be made available at no charge for limited access days. If you need more than two days to complete a project, please contact customer service at 615-242-9600 to request a quote.

Document Restoration

As a leader in the records management industry, we are experienced and ready to help you when disaster strikes. Have your records become wet from a flood, water main break, building sprinkler malfunction, etc? Call us quickly and we’ll get you on the road to preserve and restore your documents to their original state.

Click here for a step by step guide to prevent further damage to your important documents.

File Room Management

Richards & Richards has been managing the confidential information of others for a quarter of a century. Our business is managing your files at our location. Don’t want them off-site, but need the management? We are able to provide you with a records manager for your office or storeroom on a part-time or full-time basis.

Just contact us for more details.

Indexing and Verification

Are your files out of control? Is your staff wasting valuable time searching for items that should be easily found with a proper filing system? This is a common occurance in offices – without the extra time available to index and verify the files placing them in the system, because you are too busy searching for what you need right now.

Richards & Richards can help you index, inventory and verify your files. We have a fully trained staff of records managers that we can make available to you to complete any or all of the following:

  • Index your existing files
  • Verify that your essential documents are included
  • Create a filing system for easy retrieval
  • Instructing your staff on maintenance of the file system

Purge and Shift

The file drawers are full and we have no more room! File space is a premium and we understand that your staff is busy, so Richards & Richards offers a purge and shift service.

We will:

  • Come to your office and review your retention policy with management
  • Send our staff to review files individually and remove anything due for destruction
  • Provide secure shredding service for the files to be destroyed
  • Shift the remaining files in your system to create room to add new files

Our staff is trained for this type of scenario and can complete it in a fraction of the time it would take your staff. Avoid the extra hours and stress on your employees and call us to handle the job!

File Room Projects

There are always projects in your file room that you hope to get to but somehow never do. We can provide project-by-project quotes for anything you may be trying to complete.

  • Relabeling files
  • Changing the organizational system of the file room
  • Relocating files to another area
  • Reorganizing individual files for faster reading
  • Computer inventory of paper files
  • Refiling stacks of pulled files
  • Creating tracking systems for files internally in your office
  • And Much More!