Prioritizing Your Information Management Wish List for the New Year

Tis the season of lists—including those that help you prepare your business for the upcoming year. And what task could be more important than making sure your information is properly organized and managed? Here are several ways to prioritize your information management wish list, so you don’t get overwhelmed and your organization stays efficient and productive in the new year.

Evaluate your information assets

It’s inevitable that you’re going to generate paper records and electronic data in 2016, adding to the collection of information you already have. However, it’s impossible to manage what you don’t know about. As a first step, take inventory of your current information assets so you can make room for growth. If you have a large organization, conduct your assessment by department. In addition to paper documents and files, don’t forget to make a record of any data stored on electronic media and in cloud applications. Keep a record of storage locations for all information assets and verify that your retention schedules are up to date.

Make a purge plan

To accommodate new records and data, you’ll need to make a purge plan. Efficiency and security are paramount in this process, as you may have thousands of obsolete files containing confidential data. Contact your shredding and destruction provider and request a one-time purge to make sure they are destroyed promptly and securely. Secure collection bins, delivered to your facility, eliminate the need to use inefficient office shredding equipment. And NAID AAA Certified professional shredding processes make sure your documents are destroyed according to strict security guidelines. Even hard drives and media containing expired digital data can be shredded. You receive a Certificate of Destruction that documents the time and date of destruction so your company has proof of compliance.

Take advantage of offsite records storage

If one of your goals for 2016 is to save time and money managing your information, consider an offsite records storage solution. Space-consuming archival documents can be stored offsite at a commercial records center at a fraction of the cost of filling your office with file cabinets. You’ll also streamline your file retrieval processes. Since your records are professionally tracked and managed, you have fast, anytime access to your information anytime you need it. Documents can be retrieved and hand-delivered the same day they you request them, or even sent instantly with a digital Scan on Demand solution.

Protect your digital data

Unfortunately, natural disasters and cybercrime aren’t going away in 2016, and the risk of your data vanishing in an instant is at an all-time high. You need a strong data protection plan for protection your digital information. An optimal data protection plan protects both your offline and online data.

Use a media rotation and vaulting service to preserve your critical backup media so you can keep your business running if impacted by a fire, flood, or natural disaster. Adding a cloud backup solution increases your data protection capabilities by safeguarding the data spread across your organization on various devices

Prioritizing your information management wish list makes it manageable so that you can navigate 2016 with a renewed sense of confidence!

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