Does Your Office Have the Right Records Management Support?

As a small business owner, it’s impossible to do it all. Being well-versed in all areas of your business is important but wearing a variety of hats can also be a burden. Records management is one important function of your business that can become all-consuming. Here’s how to get record management support so you can focus on the profitability of your organization.

Document Storage

Records management support begins with a secure, reliable and cost-effective storage space. Using an office to store your document inventory is costly, risky and inefficient. Commercial office space is expensive, so it doesn’t make sense financially wasting it on the storage of paper files. Sensitive information can be compromised if you don’t monitor file retrieval, and storing records on-premises also defeats the purpose of having a disaster recovery plan.

A commercial records center serves as a cornerstone of records management support for your office by offering secure, reliable, and economical offsite document storage. The facility is designed for the safety and security of confidential business records. Your business documents are protected and preserved using the following systems:

  • Perimeter fencing and alarms
  • Comprehensive fire suppression systems
  • External and internal security camera monitoring

Only screened records management professionals have access to a commercial records center. They keep your information organized, safe and readily accessible for as long as you need to store it.

File Accessibility

 Storing your business records in a self storage unit may seem like a good idea if your office is busting at the seams with documents. But it’s not as safe and secure as a commercial records center, nor does it offer a convenient and easy file retrieval solution. Retrieving files from self storage is cumbersome, time-consuming and can cause bottlenecks in your workflow processes. Records management isn’t only about getting files out of your way; it’s about efficiency—and being able to find what you need, when you need it.

A records storage service uses state-of-the-art barcode tracking and inventory management technology to keep your files easily accessible. Instead of getting in your car to search through a collection of boxes at a self storage unit, you request file delivery anytime from the convenience of your desk. Your business records are hand-delivered or sent digitally with a Scan on Demand service, even on a weekend or holiday.

Document Disposal

A solid records management program should include written, verifiable policies for secure and responsible disposal of confidential documents. Relying on an office shredding machine for document disposal doesn’t offer your organization a secure chain of custody that will hold up under audit scrutiny during a privacy breach.

A NAID AAA Certified secure shredding service offers records management support for your office with a verifiable and secure document disposal solution. Security containers are strategically placed throughout your facility, enabling secure disposal of files—even those with staples, paperclips and sticky notes. The containers are collected daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly according to your business’ unique document disposal needs. You can choose on-site mobile destruction at your office or off-site plant based shredding. After destruction you are provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

By putting the right records management support in place, you can create an efficient and productive office.

Richards & Richards provides records management solutions for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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