Leaks, Pests, Snoops and Other Risks to Your Documents

Document Risk Vulnerability
What’s lurking where your records are stored? Is it a thief hoping to gain access to confidential information, or a dishonest employee snooping in personnel records? Perhaps a pest is slowly eating away at critical documents, or the slow drip of a leak is quietly destroying your archival files. There are many risks to your documents that you should be aware of:

1. Leaky basements

Are your business records stored in the basement? If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations use basements for storage of documents and files. It might seem like a practical storage solution, but it’s also a risky one.

The basement is where your water pipes are located; and water and paper don’t mix. If a pipe leaks, your entire records inventory can become a soggy, mildewed mess. The costs of wet document restoration costs are exorbitant Is it really worth the risk?

A commercial records center offers a superior alternative to basement storage. Your records are stored off the floor on high-density, purpose-built racking systems. In addition to protecting your documents from water damage, a commercial records center is designed to safeguard your records from fires and natural disasters. The cost of storing in a records center may even surprise you: it’s often less than the cost of storing your files on-site at your office.

2. Pests

If creepy crawlies make you shiver, you’d shudder to think what they can do to your documents. Rats, booklice and beetles can make a quick meal of your paper files. When your paper records are stored in dirty, dusty areas like basements, attics and garages they’re prone to pest infestation.

A commercial records center offers the most pristine environment for storing your records. Food and drink are prohibited. The floor is swept daily and pest management systems are used to prevent pests from damaging or destroying document inventories.

3. Snoops, thieves, and dishonest employees

You do your best to recruit honest employees, but not every hire fits the bill. Snoops can wreak havoc on your organization by stealing all types of confidential information, such as:

  • Personnel records
  • Proprietary data
  • Trade secrets
  • Financial documents
  • Personal data

While many organizations spend lots of money preventing outsider theft, insider theft risks can go unacknowledged or undetected until it’s too late. And snooping is easy when file retrievals and returns aren’t tracked or monitored.

The benefits of professional records storage

By using a professional records storage service, you can make sure that only authorized personnel have access to private information. Confidential files are stored offsite, barcoded, and tracked for a complete audit trail of file access. Authorized personnel can request files as needed, and access levels are customized to each end user in your organization, so you always control access, know who has viewed a file, and when.

Paper documents contain some of your organization’s most valuable information. By understanding the risks to them, you can find a storage solution that offers the protection they deserve.

Richards & Richards provides records storage services for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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