Knowing Your Shredding Service Options

Businessman looking and thinking in front of a brick wall with question mark icons painted on it in various sizesIn today’s complex world, having a comprehensive data security solution is a must. You can’t protect one part of your information and ignore the rest. In this blog, we outline which shredding service options to consider.

Paper Shredding

Every organization has unique document destruction needs. A shredding provider should offer flexible service options to suit your budget and schedule. Scheduled shredding is ideal for businesses that need ongoing destruction of sensitive documents. One-time shredding is perfect for organizations requiring a quarterly, biannual, or annual document purge. Small businesses with just a couple boxes of documents to destroy may prefer a walk-in and drop-off shredding solution.

Hard Drive and Media Shredding

Secure destruction of computer media is just as important as paper shredding. Used hard drives and electronic devices can store hundreds of thousands of sensitive files. With the right technology, cybercriminals can retrieve deleted files from your media. The only way to render data irrecoverable is by physically destroying the media it’s stored on.

A hard drive and media shredding service destroys your computer media in a secure and compliant manner. Partnering with a hard drive and media shredding company who offers electronics recycling ensures that your destroyed media is disposed of without harming the environment.

Product Destruction

Many businesses overlook destruction of defective, discontinued, or outdated products. A shredding service provider offering product destruction makes sure that your expired products, uniforms, identification badges and promotions materials are destroyed within a strict chain of custody.

Residential Shredding

You don’t have to own a business to reap the benefits of a professional shredding service. Residential shredding keeps your personal information out of curbside trash and recycling bins where someone can steal it.

A screened and uniformed shredding technician picks up your documents from your home and transports them to their shredding plant in a GPS-tracked vehicle. The shredding plant facility features:

  • Perimeter security
  • Interior and exterior security monitoring
  • Climate control technology
  • Building access control systems

State-of-the-art destruction equipment shreds your information into tiny particles and you receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Now that you know your shredding service options, look for a shredding provider who offers a comprehensive suite of shredding and destruction solutions.

Richards & Richards offers shredding and destruction solutions and electronics recycling for businesses throughout Nashville. For more tips on choosing and shredding provider, please call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page.

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