How a Shredding Service Helps with Green Initiatives

Incentive To Be Green

A globe with a tree growing out of the top is on a green backgroundWhen you have a goal in mind, visible improvement is a great incentive to keep going. So, here’s some great news about green initiatives. The earth is getting greener. There is five percent more foliage than 20 years ago, as a direct result of human influence. This insight was made possible by 20 years of data recording from NASA instrumentation orbiting the Earth on two satellites.

It’s Easy Being Green

There are many ways to implement green initiatives into your personal and work life. For your company or home office, when you use the services of a shredding company that recycles 100% of its shredded paper, you get more than secure destruction of your private information. When your shredding company also has its eye on protecting the environment, they make it easy for you jump on the bandwagon.

Why Choose Green?

One easy way to continue our greening of the Earth is to choose a shredding company that is committed to recycling all of their shredded paper. With the average US office worker using 10,000 sheets of paper each year, the environmental damage done by paper waste alone is astronomical. Here are the key benefits of using a shedding company that recycles shredded paper:

  • Trees. Remember the great news about the earth being greener? A major contributing factor to that improvement has been the replenishment of trees. Would you consider using a shredding company that recycles if you knew that each ton of paper that is recycled saves 17 trees from being cut down? It is estimated that every ream of paper you use accounts for 5% of a tree. By recycling, the paper goes to creating more paper instead of cutting down a tree.

Trees also provide vital habitats for animals and ecological services for humanity, like purifying air and regulating local temperatures. Trees stabilize land from disastrous erosion, improve soil health and groundwater recharge.

  • Landfill. Paper and cardboard materials comprise the largest component of municipal solid waste – almost 12 percent. When your paper is recycled back into paper products, not only do you protect the trees, you also keep the paper out of landfills. That’s a double win.
  • Gas Emissions. What’s the problem with putting paper in the landfill? It creates the build-up of methane and other toxic gases that feed the greenhouse effect that contributes to climate change. So, just by recycling shredded paper, you save trees, keep the discarded paper out of landfills, and help slow the forward progress of climate change. That’s a triple win!

Of course, recycling is only one part of the equation. You still need strict security from a shredding company. Choosing a NAID AAA Certified, local shredding company with excellent references is the best way to keep your clients’ and employees’ information secure.

Richards & Richards is Nashville’s oldest NAID AAA Certified shredding company, and we recycle 100 percent of the shredded paper we produce. If you want a green shredding partner and the highest security standards in the industry, simply call us at 615-242-9600 or complete the form on this page.

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