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Data Shredding & Disposal Services

Are you wondering what to do with your old hard drives or digital media?

Deleting the files or data on them isn’t enough; there’s still a digital footprint of confidential information left behind that can easily be compromised. So if hard drives, CD’s or storage media land in the trash, your business is at risk of identity theft, compliance breach or even business fraud. The only way to make sure digital data is securely destroyed is with a hard drive shredding service.

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Your Hard Drive & Digital Media Shredding Solution

Richards & Richards is Nashville’s only AAA NAID certified media shredding company. We have the ability to permanently destroy all data on computer hard drives by applying 20,000 pounds of conical force onto the platter of the drive. This massive force crushes the hard disk’s spindle and forms ripples in the platter and cuts it into pieces, rendering all data irrecoverable.

We barcode each hard drive received and scan the serial number as the alternate ID, to verify destruction. After the destruction process is complete, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction listing each hard drive by serial number.

And since you may have more than just hard drives that need to be destroyed, we also offer media destruction for:

  • Backup tapes
  • CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray disks
  • Microfilm
  • Mobile devices
  • USB drives
  • Cell phones

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© 2018 Richards & Richards. All Rights Reserved.

© 2018 Richards & Richards. All Rights Reserved.