Finding a Scanning Solution That Matches Your Budget

scanning budget
If your business relies heavily on paper, you know it can be expensive and time-consuming. Storing files occupies valuable office space, and paper documents always require management:

  • Printing
  • Duplication
  • Filing
  • Retrieval

The good news is, professional document scanning enables your paper documents to be converted to searchable digital images for more cost-effective information storage and management.

Finding a scanning solution that matches your budget can be challenging. Here we break down the available options so you can determine which one best fits your needs:

Backfile scanning

The “paperless” office is a decades-old concept, but we now live in an age when it’s actually possible. Your stored documents of all sizes and types can be converted into fully-readable and easily-accessible digital images in a scanning process called “backfile conversion.”

Naturally, the more paper scanned, the higher your document scanning costs, which makes backfile scanning a potentially costly endeavor. It may be tempting to handle the scanning process in-house, but that can be even more expensive when you factor in:

  • Equipment purchases
  • Staff management costs
  • The hiring of temporary labor

On top of all this, in-house scanning projects are often interrupted by other revenue-generating and core business processes, and picking them back up later can be challenging. Ensuring accuracy and quality during the conversion is another matter. It’s not uncommon for in-house backfile scanning projects to remain incomplete due to lack of experience and expertise.

Outsourcing your scanning to a professional document imaging provider eliminates infrastructure and capital expenses and enables your documents to be scanned efficiently and accurately without hampering staff productivity. The provider you choose can act as your imaging service bureau, handling:

  • Pickup of documents
  • Scanning preparation
  • Indexing
  • Data entry
  • High-volume scanning
  • Quality assurance
  • Exporting data

Backfile scanning, when handled professionally, enables your files to be converted in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Day forward scanning

Going completely paperless may not be within the reach of your budget, and it may not be the most practical solution for your business. Some documents can be scanned as soon as they enter your workflow. A day forward scanning solution allows active documents to be converted into easily-managed images.

With proper training, day forward scanning can be handled by your staff with the use of desktop scanning equipment. After that, it’s important for your images to be properly protected and organized. A professional online document hosting solution enables any digital file format to be securely transferred to a secure data center for safekeeping and proper management.

Scan on demand

Scanning the entire contents of a one-cubic-foot box of records costs approximately $70. However, the same box can be stored for 10 years for around $36. So it’s more cost-effective to store rarely-accessed paper documents rather than imaging and converting them.

If you have limited office space in which to store your records, a scan on demand service enables your documents to be stored economically in a commercial records center and scanned only if and when you need them. For example, if you need a file that’s stored off-site, a request is submitted to the records center. Within a few hours, the file is imaged and electronically delivered to you—even faster than the physical file can be delivered to you. Scan on demand offers these additional benefits:

  • Reduced file location and retrieval time
  • Anytime records availability
  • Secure document delivery to any location you specify

This money-saving solution enables you to only convert as they are needed to support your business processes.

Document scanning helps ensure timely access to your information, reduces office storage constraints, and improved security. When determining which scanning option best fits your budget, it pays to seek the advice of a local, trusted document scanning solution provider.

Richards & Richards provides document scanning solutions for business throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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