Document Scanning

Document Scanning

Richards & Richards offers customized document scanning services for your business. Our team of imaging specialists converts your paperwork into easily accessible digital images and transfers them to CD, DVD or our easily, searchable online database. Whether you need a backfile conversion or a secure and reliable solution for scanning and storing active files, we can help.

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A Turnkey Scanning Solution for Your Business

Richards & Richards is your trusted, local document scanning provider. Our document scanning technicians organize, index and covert your documents to secure, easily accessible digital images. We offer everything you need to go paperless:

capture informationCapture
We use high-speed, high-accuracy scanners and software to capture documents of every size and type.
extract informationExtract
We extract the data you need, using advanced and powerful automation tools.
classify informationClassify
We identify and index your documents and forms to your specifications.
 migrate informationMigrate
We migrate your images to CD, DVD or your preferred document management or ECM system.

Enhance Productivity and Customer Service with Document Scanning

Do you need access to your information at a moment’s notice? We digitize your documents and make them searchable so you can find them quickly with simple keyword searches. There’s no more searching through file cabinets to find documents. Your converted files can be shared and distributed to customers and staff with a click of your mouse. Our document scanning service keeps your business productive and your clients happy.

Secure Document Scanning

As your privacy protection partner, we take document security seriously. Richards & Richards’ RRDocs application stores your files in our secure data center. We never share your information with third-party firms. File access levels and permissions are individually customized for enhanced user level security. Our Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) offers a full audit trail so your business complies with HIPAA and other state and federal privacy laws.

Document Scanning Equals Enhanced Workflow

In today’s interconnected, virtual workplace, efficient information access is crucial. Our document scanning service reduces paper intensive processes that create bottlenecks for your organization. You gain quick and easy document retrieval from our EDMS to your desktop or laptop. Scanned active files can be shared with users in multiple offices and locations without costly printing and faxing. We help you reap the benefits of our enhanced workflow and information access solution!

Document Scanning on Demand

Do you need to free up office space but don’t want to sacrifice access to your information? Our Scan on Demand solution combines the security of offsite records storage with the accessibility of document imaging. We store your documents in our records center and convert them to digital files at your request. Your scanned files are sent digitally to your desktop or laptop in a matter of minutes. It’s the perfect solution for creating more room in your office for revenue generating activities!

Document Scanning For Enhanced Disaster Recovery

Your hard copy files can be destroyed by fire, flood or natural disasters. Our document scanning solution protects your information from permanent loss, enhancing your company’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities. Your digital files can be stored securely on our server or backed up to tape and vaulted offsite.

We protect your information so you rest easy at night.