Data Protection

Your business has computer data that is so vital and sensitive, it deserves robust protection. Richards & Richards DataVault provides secure data protection with our unrivaled FIRELOCK Class 125 Media Rated, Zone 4 seismic rated data protection facility and the only DataVault in Nashville that meets NFPA 75 and NFPA 232 standards for magnetic media.

Richards & Richards data vault’s unique layout and ceramic fiber walls are designed not only to protect media from intense heat, but to reflect heat out, as well.

Data Protection Cases In StorageA Faraday steel cage which provides complete Magnetic Shielding to the Vault Chamber holds the ceramic core in place and is built so it allows expansion and contraction under high heat conditions, rather than buckling – protecting the structure itself. This is the same system employed by the U.S. Defense Department to protect mission critical Server Centers.

The Faraday steel cage provides magnetic shielding for all DataVault contents and will protect your magnetic media from any outside magnetic force including an EMP blast.

The walls are filled with a thick 8-inch layer of ceramic fiber, which can withstand 2000 degree heat for 5 hours. The temperature inside of the Richards & Richards DataVault will never rise above 125º F. (52º C) degrees during that time.

The structural frame and chamber walls and ceiling of our DataVault are built to resist category three tornadic winds of up to 185 miles per hour and is rated for a zone 4 Earthquake shock wave.

All penetration points to the vault are set to close with high temperature and seal the Vault Chamber’s perfect vapor barrier keeping out steam and other hazardous chemicals in the event of a fire.

Inside the DataVault are FM 200 tanks that would quickly extinguish an interior fire with an agent that will not damage your magnetic media.

The DataVault is monitored 24 hours a day with video cameras, environmental control sensors, and fire alarms. Visitors access through a code access mantrap door that is monitored during business hours by our staff. All visitors sign in and out and are escorted at all times.

Our DataVault has a secured loading bay providing additional security and protection from the elements. Transport vehicles are pulled inside the building for loading/unloading so all media is moved within a fully controlled environment.

Data security is vital to your business. A tape that is stolen or lost could cost your company its financial security in breech notifications, credit protection and bad publicity.

Let Richards & Richards provide you with peace of mind with our security features:

  • 24/7/365 monitored state of the art alarm and video systems
  • Extensive background checks on all employees
  • Special delivery vehicles with GPS tracking
  • Temperature and humidity controls in storage areas for back-up media
  • FM-200 Fire Suppression to prevent media damage from fire or water
  • Located in high priority building for city disaster recovery operations