Data Loss Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

Word Cloud Data Loss PreventionFires, floods and tornadoes are very real threats to your business continuity. In the event of disasters like these, without proper contingency plans your critical business data can be severely compromised or completely lost. Fortunately, most disaster recovery plans include preparations and protocol to account for such natural disasters. And luckily, most businesses aren’t affected by natural catastrophic occurrences. Actually, there’s a higher likelihood of your data being affected by seldom-considered, everyday threats.

Are you prepared for everyday threats?

Have you thought about what would happen if you accidentally deleted a critical business file or application? How would you handle the random crash of a server? What if the person charged with taking the company backup home left it in their car on a hot and humid night, rendering the data unreadable? Would you be able to recover from your computer network being hacked?

These are very real everyday threats to business data that can be just as devastating as any natural disaster. Your disaster recovery plan should recognize and plan for such risks. You can begin by asking yourself key questions such as:
How often am I backing up my data?

  • Can I verify the frequency and proper backup and rotation of my data?
  • Is my backup stored a secure location, designed for long term preservation?
  • How will I restore my data in the event of loss?
  • Do I have data recovery testing procedures scheduled for my business?

Solutions to enhance recovery goals

Once you’ve identified areas of weakness, you can look for a remediation plan that takes into consideration all possible scenarios. This may include implementation of the following solutions:
offsite backup storage

  • media rotation services
  • inventory management of backup assets
  • professional data protection consulting

Serving businesses in Nashville for over 25 years, Richards & Richards offers a comprehensive suite of data protection services. For more information about how we can increase the scope of your disaster recovery goals, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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