Data Breach Prevention Tips

Your business information is worth much more than its weight in gold. Identity thieves and perpetrators of business fraud profit heavily by trading stolen documents and data on the black market. So, like it or not, your client files, employee records and financial data are susceptible to theft. Fortunately, the following data breach prevention tips can offer your organization much-needed protection.

Store Documents Off-Site

Identity theft and business fraud isn’t just an external threat; insider theft of sensitive documents and files is a leading cause of corporate data breaches. So it’s crucial that you limit and monitor access to your paper records inventory. Off-site records storage is ideal for this purpose. Your documents and digital data are safeguarded and preserved in a facility designed specifically for information protection.

A commercial records center offers specialized protection for paper documents and files. These climate-controlled buildings offer important security features:

  • Perimeter fencing and alarms
  • Entry access controls
  • Monitored security cameras

Access to the facility is limited to your records storage provider’s screened, professional staff. Strict document handling, transportation and delivery procedures are followed to ensure a secure chain of custody for records at all times.

Invest in Data Protection

Unstructured or negligent backup processes can also lead to a data breach. Digital data that isn’t properly stored and managed is easily compromised. Depending how you back up your information, there is are some data protection options for your business.

While a commercial records center offers optimal protection for paper documents, a purpose-built media vault provides the ideal storage solution for digital media used for offline backups. Your tapes and hard drives are stored in a climate-controlled, self-contained storage environment that features:

  • Video surveillance technology
  • Entry access controls
  • Barcode tracking with inventory management software

Your media is professionally retrieved, delivered and rotated by screened data management professionals.

Cloud backup offers the perfect data protection solution for organizations with limited information technology resources. Your digital information is automatically backed up and uploaded to a hardened data center for digital storage. Encryption technology ensures secure data transmission.

Keep in mind that no matter which data protection solution you invest in, it’s always wise to schedule periodic data recovery testing. If there is a problem with your backup process, you want to find out during testing, not when a real catastrophe strikes.

Prioritize Secure Information Disposal

Identity theft and business fraud criminals have many ways to get their hands on sensitive corporate information. One way is by taking advantage of risky information disposal practices. Businesses dispose of a fortune in confidential data every day, and some of it lands, vulnerable, in corporate trash cans and dumpsters.

A secure shredding service ensures that your paper and electronic records are completely destroyed. First, locked collection containers are delivered to your office so employees can simply drop files inside. A collection schedule is customized to your needs, and paper records can be shredded on-site at your facility or off-site at a shredding plant.

A solid data breach prevention plan, with the help of a commercial records center, keeps your corporate information safe and secure.

Richards & Richards offers records storage and document shredding solutions for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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