Cloud or Tape: What’s the Best Solution for your Business Data?

Internet Cloud Server Concept
In today’s world where the majority of your data is digital, a single data loss incident can have a widespread effect on your business. Whether it’s accidental deletion of a critical client file, an unexpected crash of your server, an extended business interruption due to bad weather conditions or a natural disaster, you have to be prepared for a wide range of circumstances that can limit access to your information. Backup is a non-negotiable. However, with an increasing number of vendors competing for your data protection business, it can be confusing selecting the right backup solution.


More individuals and businesses are operating within the cloud, using online applications instead of software, and opting to store personal information on remote servers that make data accessible from any remote location. In doing so, there are often unrealistic expectations that are assumed:

  • Data will always be available
  • Data access will always be swift

These assumptions were put to the test during Hurricane Sandy when extended regional power outages made access to online data slow or impossible. Disaster preparedness is an important consideration for any business, and the ability to restore data in a timely manner has a direct impact on your organization’s recovery capabilities.

Having an offline backup solution makes you less vulnerable to outages affecting your cloud service provider. The combination of a generator to help you maintain power and a backup tape securely stored offsite can help your company keep going during a catastrophic event and minimize business interruptions.


Cost is another consideration that needs to be factored in when choosing a potential cloud backup solution. As most cloud service providers claim, cloud backup is easily implementable. Yet, you may unwittingly be locking your company into an agreement with a provider that offers less-than-optimal customer service. And then there is the cost of scalability. As your business grows and its backup requirements increase, your company may not be able to afford incremental jumps in pricing.

Offline backup offers a more economical data storage solution. Large amounts of data can be stored on a single backup tape—1.5 TB of storage capacity can be purchased for around $30—making data protection with an offline solution more affordable than using a cloud storage service. Offline data recovery is also faster as it is not dependent on internet bandwidth, which can greatly increase your disaster recovery capabilities.

Privacy Protection

You’re responsible for the privacy protection of your clients and employees. Regulations such as HIPAA, FACTA, SOX and GLB may directly impact your business. Ultimately, choosing any service provider is an extension of that responsibility, however a cloud backup vendor may be more at risk for privacy breaches. In recent years, prominent cloud service providers such as Amazon and Dropbox have fallen victim to security breaches compromising client data. Given the volume of confidential information these vendors manage, it’s easy to see why they’ve become desirable targets for data theft. Backup to tape and/or hard drive is not susceptible to threats of cyber attacks, hacking and malware. When stored offsite in a media vault where they can be thoroughly protected and preserved, your backup media assets can help maintain the privacy of your data and keep your organization compliant.

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