Choosing the Right Shredding Service for Your Business

Five star rating with young woman looking upwardsEvery business is susceptible to identity theft and business fraud, but not every organization has the same privacy protection requirements. Do you understand yours? Here we summarize several shredding services to help you make the right privacy protection choice for your business.

Scheduled Shredding

If you currently spend several minutes each day shredding files with an office paper shredder, a scheduled shred service will save you time and money. Security containers are strategically placed throughout your office to ensure regular disposal of confidential documents. Whole files—including staples, paperclips, sticky notes, and more—can be swiftly dropped into a collection container. Depending on the volume of information your business needs to shred, security containers are collected on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis and your documents are shredded for you. Besides eliminating the expense of purchasing and maintaining an office paper shredder, a scheduled shredding service eliminates in-house shredding tasks so you have more time to generate revenue for your business.

One-Time Purge Shredding

A one-time purge shredding service varies from scheduled shredding in frequency. If you only need your documents destroyed on an as needed basis, one time purge shredding is ideal. It’s also the perfect choice for the following scenarios:

  • Office relocations
  • File room clean-outs
  • Quarterly or bi-annual destruction of obsolete records

Individual boxes of records can be picked up from your business, lockable collection bins be brought to your office in advance of your purge project. Once they’re filled, the content are picked up and destroyed.

Walk-In and Drop-Off Shredding

Privacy protection isn’t just for brick and mortar businesses. Online companies and business people on-the-go also need a secure solution for destroying sensitive and confidential documents. A walk-in and drop-off shredding service offers a simple, convenient and affordable privacy protection solution. You bring your documents to a shredding plant at your convenience. A shredding technician receives your documents, destroys them and then gives you a Certificate of Destruction.

Media Shredding

Paper documents aren’t the only media requiring secure and efficient destruction. Backup tapes, hard drives, USB drives, CDs and DVDs also contain sensitive information that can be compromised if not disposed of properly. With the right hard drive and media shredding service, unwanted digital media can be collected alongside your paper records for secure destruction. A specialized shredder permanently destroys your tapes and hard drives, rendering all data permanently irrecoverable. As with your paper records, you receive a Certificate of Destruction after your media is destroyed.

NAID AAA Certified Shredding

No matter which shredding service you use, make sure it’s NAID AAA Certified.  The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) provides oversight for the shredding and destruction industry. NAID AAA Certified information destruction vendors are subject to stringent, unscheduled audits confirming compliance with NAID security standards regarding:

  • Chain of custody processes
  • Personnel background screening practices
  • Equipment safety and facility security
  • Insurance requirements

A NAID AAA Certified information destruction company ensures unparalleled privacy for your confidential document and media. Consider the options we’ve described here to help you choose the right shredding service for your business.

Richards & Richards offers secure shredding and destruction services for businesses throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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