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10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Privacy

In the Information Age, your personal data is everywhere and more valuable than ever. It's no wonder identity ...
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Answers to the Big 5 Information Destruction Questions

We receive questions all the time from consumers and business owners wanting to know about information destruction. And ...
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5 Key Questions to Ask Your Paper Shredding Provider

You understand that document destruction is something you can't be careless about—but how do you ensure your paper ...
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The Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shredding Provider

With identity theft and business privacy breaches at an all-time high, secure destruction of your important business documents ...
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Jerre Richards Named New President & CEO of
Richards & Richards

We are happy to announce that Jerre Richards has been named the new president and CEO at Richards ...
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Choosing the Right Shredding Service for Your Business

Every business is susceptible to identity theft and business fraud, but not every organization has the same privacy ...
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Get Down to Business with a Spring Cleaning Event

As Daylight Saving Time begins and tax season comes to the close, there's not a better way to ...
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A Refresher on the Privacy Laws Affecting Your Business

Laws are notoriously complex and ever-changing, so it's understandable if you can’t keep up with the privacy protection ...
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5 Advantages of a Local Shredding and Destruction Solution Provider

You have many options when choosing an outsourced information destruction solution, but making the right choice depends on ...
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The Costs and Risks of
In-House Shredding

With of identity theft and business fraud incidents on the rise, document shredding is more important than ever. ...
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The Questions to Ask When Choosing a Document Destruction Company

Every major metropolitan area has a handful or more of document destruction providers to choose from. But how ...
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4 Ways to Tune Up Your Document Disposal Program

Tune-ups aren’t just for bicycles, motorcycles and cars. This is the perfect time of year to tune up ...
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