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What Is Cloud Computing?

We're sure you have heard this topic come up before.  But what is "cloud computing" and how does ...
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Data Breach – Having a Plan

In a perfect world, where human error and malicious intent did not exist, we would not need to ...
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Data Loss Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

Fires, floods and tornadoes are very real threats to your business continuity. In the event of disasters like ...
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With all of the warnings we get about identity theft, how seriously do we heed those warnings? One ...
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A Successful Scanning Project Requires Professional Expertise

While paper may never entirely go away, technological advances have certainly made it easier to reduce the amount ...
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Something to Consider Before You Retire: HIPAA

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard all these years and now it’s time to relax and sharpen that golf handicap. ...
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The Risk of Self Storage for Business Records

From crowded urban areas to rural country roads, self storage facilities dot the landscape of America. For a ...
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To Scan Or To Store: That Is The Question

Achieving a paperless office is easier said than done. For all the convenience technology has brought, computers have ...
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Richards & Richards Revamped

Welcome to the launch of our newly revamped Richards & Richards website. In order to start the new ...
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