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The Top Excuses for Not Shredding Documents

Businesses are responsible for protecting customer information. But despite the growing number of news headlines about corporate data ...
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6 Questions to Ask a Hard Drive and Media Shredding Provider

Does your company have a data destruction solution? How do you make sure your media is destroyed in ...
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Do’s and Don’ts of Document Shredding

You have a legal and ethical obligation to protect your employees’ and customers’ privacy. Are your document shredding ...
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Hand of person putting a document in paper shredder with pile of previously shredded paper and a do not enter warning on it.

DIY Shredding vs. Professional Shredding

Successful businesses assess their organizational processes with a fine-toothed comb. Have you included document disposal in your assessment? ...
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The Top Data Destruction Questions, Answered

Every business, whether big or small, needs to be sure that data is properly disposed of at the ...
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6 Important Questions to Ask When Outsourcing Your Shredding

Without a doubt, outsourced document shredding is preferable to in-house shredding because of improved privacy and efficiency factors. ...
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Answers to Your Document Shredding Questions

As a trusted resource for our clients and the Nashville community, we're asked questions about document shredding all ...
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How to Prevent Medical Identity Theft: 5 Tips

Medical identity theft is when someone steals your personal information to obtain medical care, drugs or file false ...
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10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Privacy

In the Information Age, your personal data is everywhere and more valuable than ever. It's no wonder identity ...
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Answers to the Big 5 Information Destruction Questions

We receive questions all the time from consumers and business owners wanting to know about information destruction. And ...
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5 Key Questions to Ask Your Paper Shredding Provider

You understand that document destruction is something you can't be careless about—but how do you ensure your paper ...
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The Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shredding Provider

With identity theft and business privacy breaches at an all-time high, secure destruction of your important business documents ...
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