How to Choose the Right Shredding Company for Your Business

Front view of a business woman sitting at her laptop but deep in thought and looking to her left while resting her chin in her left hand.

Elena’s Story Our company’s office staff have been asking management to consider outsourcing our shredding. They’re frustrated with the amount of valuable time they spend feeding, fixing, and unjamming the machine. There have been times when the shredder is out of order and documents with confidential information were being tossed in the recycle bin or…

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It’s Fraud Awareness Week.
Is Your Information Secure?

Closeup of a person lifting documents off a table surface and a lock symbol is superimposed in the foreground.

The Art of Fraud The wisdom of scientist John A. Widtsoe’s quote, “Fraud and deceit are anxious for your money. Be informed and prudent.” lines up perfectly with Fraud Awareness Week. No matter what type of valuables you possess, there are people who are intentionally seeking to take them. You can’t just ignore the unpleasant…

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month & Your Business

Hand turns wooden cubes with letters on them, changing word cyberattack to cybersecurity on a dark grey background.

It is imperative that you remain vigilant about your business’ cybersecurity year-round. Since October is cybersecurity awareness month, why not benefit from the opportunity to evaluate your digital security practices, better protect your systems, and empower your staff. Cybersecurity Stats In the 1960s, our family used to drive south 1300 miles in the summer to…

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How a Shredding Service Helps with Green Initiatives

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Incentive To Be Green When you have a goal in mind, visible improvement is a great incentive to keep going. So, here’s some great news about green initiatives. The earth is getting greener. There is five percent more foliage than 20 years ago, as a direct result of human influence. This insight was made possible…

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Behind the Scenes of an Off-Site Shredding Service

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It was a Bright and Sunny Day Every Thursday, at precisely three thirty in the afternoon, a uniformed man walks past my office door pulling an empty, locked shred collection bin behind him to the copy room. A minute later, he walks past my office again, pulling the full container that had been sitting in…

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Keep Your Documents Out of the Landfill

Closeup photo of shredded paper

Origin of the Motorized Shredder The first machine-run shredder was created by Adolf Ehinger in 1935. Ehinger was printing anti-Nazi materials and realized he needed a means of disposing of them to protect himself from being identified. Inspired by a hand-cranked pasta maker, he created a hand-cranked paper shredder, later adding a motor to drive…

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Observe Financial Awareness Day by Protecting Your Identity

Black script calligraphy design for National Financial Awareness Day

August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day You likely had no idea that this day existed. The purpose of it is to help Americans take note of their finances and know more about how to create and maintain a healthy, balanced, and sustainable financial life by making informed decisions with their existing resources. One often-overlooked…

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Why Dumpster Divers Love DIY Shredding

Closeup photo of document shredder with paper shreds on table

I Prefer to Do It Myself I’m the type of person who will not call a repair person or any kind of reno company unless it is either beyond my skills or I’ve started something I can’t finish. I am not paying for someone to do something I can do myself or look up on…

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The Benefits of Document Shredding for Medical Practices

A blonde woman in white blouse and yellow skirt is removing paper from a purple waste basket in an open office space with books on shelves in the background.

POV: Medical Practice Office Manager We have a local college student doing her medical administrative placement with us. She is absolutely wonderful. She is motivated, inquisitive, teachable and a quick learner. One of her most recent learning experiences occurred when I saw her tearing up medical documents she had just printed and was tossing them…

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What is a Certificate of Destruction?

Smiling business woman is sitting at a desk and reading a document

One day I was sorting through the mail when I noticed that one envelope was from the shredding company that regularly destroys all our documents. I’ve just recently started working here, so when I pulled out a document that had “Certificate of Destruction” written across the top of it, I was intrigued but confused. What…

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