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Answers to your Electronics Recycling Questions

Nothing lasts forever, and electronic devices are no exception. Today’s latest and greatest digital gadgets will be obsolete in a few years. This presents a challenge in terms of environmental sustainability. The average electronic device contains multiple toxic materials. If not disposed of properly, these toxins seep into soil and waterways, polluting the environment. In…

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9 Reasons Your Business Needs an Information Destruction Policy

Given the vast amount of paper records and digital media that build up over time, every organization has excess and obsolete information. Knowing how and when to get rid of it is a challenge. In this blog, we offer nine reasons your business needs an information destruction policy. 1. Regulatory Compliance Healthcare organizations, law firms,…

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4 Things You Should Know about Data Destruction

Every digital device has a lifespan. But how do you make sure the data stored on your old hard drives and tapes is unrecoverable? Here are four things to know about data destruction: 1. Erased Devices Still Contain Data There’s more to protecting your data than erasing a hard drive or tape. Even after deleting…

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Answers to Your Product Destruction Questions

Do you have an office closet, basement, or storage room filled with old and outdated products? Wondering what to do with it all? If so, you’re a prime candidate for a product destruction service. In this blog, we answer several of our customers’ most frequently asked product destruction questions. Q: What is a product destruction…

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6 Shredding and Destruction Mistakes to Avoid

Text sign showing Common Mistakes Motivational Call. Conceptual photo lot of people do same action in wrong way Postcards various colour brown background lovely thoughts message memories

Information disposal is crucial to a solid records management program. However, many companies make mistakes when disposing of their documents and data. Here are several mistakes to avoid: 1. Using a Paper Shredder Consider the steps it takes to shred your documents with an office shredder: Remove paperclips, staples, sticky notes, cardstock and file folder…

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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Information Destruction

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You can never be too careful when disposing of confidential information. Internal information destruction plans only offer only a basic level of data security. In this blog, we discuss several benefits of outsourcing your information destruction to a qualified partner: 1. Fraud Prevention Office shredders are limited to dumping the shredded paper in uncontrolled dumpsters…

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The Hidden Costs of In-House Shredding

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Starting an in-house shredding program seems easy enough—just a matter of running to the office supply store and purchasing some paper shredding machines. But this represents a mere fraction of the expenses and risks of in-house shredding. In this blog, we uncover the hidden costs of shredding your documents in-house. Equipment Maintenance Buying an office…

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4 Document Shredding Myths, Debunked

Fact, but not myth. The words FACT and MYTH (made from red cubes labeled with letters) are weighed in the balance. The word FACT outweighs the word MYTH. Isolated. 3D Illustration

In an age when we’re surrounded by a vast expanse of information, it pays to know the facts. The realm of document shredding is no exception; even the slightest misconception can lead to a mistake that results in widespread consequences for your business. Here are four common document shredding myths to watch out for: 1.…

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A 2-for-1 Solution for Earth Day 2019

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The first Earth Day started in 1970 to promote environmental awareness. Now, almost 50 years later, Earth Day is celebrated by over 1 billion people in 192 countries across the globe. As April 22nd approaches, we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken to reduce our environmental impact. We keenly understand that privacy protection and environmental…

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5 Reasons to Destroy Unwanted Backup Media

Technician with broken hard drive

You understand the importance of destroying outdated paper documents and use a shredding service to protect your hard copy records from unauthorized access and theft. But what about the unwanted, old, and obsolete backup tapes and hard drives stuffed into boxes and closets and cluttered on server room shelves? If you’re not destroying them as…

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Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shredding Provider

Things to Consider

Outsourcing many business tasks is as easy as picking up the phone, but handing over your document shredding is more complicated. You must make sure your vendor complies with privacy regulations and protects the confidentiality of your information. Here are several factors to consider when choosing a shredding partner: Experience Whether you’re an attorney, doctor,…

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The What, How, and When of Electronics Recycling

For every new electronic device that hits the market, an old, outdated device becomes earmarked for the scrap pile. As a result, millions of tons of devices are being disposed of each year—even if they still work. Electronic waste is a big problem that has serious consequences for the environment. Plastics and heavy metals tossed…

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