Shred Bins:
What They Are and How to Choose

Business people having a meeting around a board room table

During a recent staff lunch meeting, the topic of outsourcing our document destruction needs was discussed. The conversation went like this: Understanding Their Importance Jessie: What’s your top priority when looking for a shredding company? Taylor: Inexpensive. I’m looking a cost-effective option, though it’s hard to beat our current DIY approach. Jessie: I disagree. We’re…

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Do I Really Need a Certificate of Destruction for Shredding?

A man in a blue checkered shirt has his eyebrows raised and is holding his hands up and shrugging. The words "Is it necessary?" are beside him.

Life is riddled with decisions carrying varying degrees of risk. Do you buy the extended warranty? Do you drive home in bad weather? Do you cast a vote against the majority? It’s hard making tough decisions but it’s also hard dealing with regret. However, few decisions are as critical as those related to safeguarding personally…

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Regulations That Demand Secure Information Disposal

Rubber stamps marked with regulations and rules are sitting on a desk with a stack of documents.

Do you recall playing a game with friends only to realize you’ve been playing it incorrectly all along? Rules sometimes get overlooked, adapted or misunderstood, leading to alternative ways of play that persist for years. Games like Monopoly, Scrabble and even Poker and Blackjack have incorrectly hinged on “house rules,” and have been played differently…

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Ghost in the Machine: Debunking the Myth of Data Deletion

A computer hard drive is in the hands of someone wearing black gloves.

The discussion surrounding the concept of the “ghost in the machine” has spanned almost six decades, gaining renewed relevance in today’s era, particularly with artificial intelligence attempting to replicate the human mind and consciousness in our technologically-advanced world. Amidst our modern advancements, another prevailing notion within the “ghost in the machine” realm is the misconception…

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December is Officially Identity Theft Awareness & Prevention Month

A black gloved hand is reaching out through a laptop screen to grab a wallet sitting on the desk.

December is designated as Identity Theft Awareness & Prevention Month. You might question why this month, of all times, should be dedicated to focusing on identity theft prevention. Amidst the hustle and bustle of increased sales, closing out both personal and company financials, and managing various events, December already feels overloaded. However, this frenetic activity…

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5 Reasons Why Free Shredding is a Bad Deal

A hand reaching down turns wooden cubes and changes words from "good deal" to "bad deal."

In a world where nothing truly comes for free, the idea of free shredding services may seem tempting. However, before you jump on the free shredding bandwagon, it’s important to understand the hidden costs and potential risks associated with this seemingly cost-effective option. Here are five reasons why free shredding can be a less-than-ideal choice:…

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Safeguard Your Identity and Celebrate Fraud Awareness Week

A person's hand holds a red NO/do not symbol over wooden cubes that spell the word FRAUD.

Have you ever wondered about the activities happening outside your home, business, or on the streets while you sleep peacefully in your warm bed at night? The world is always in motion, and unfortunately, some of that activity involves thieves on the prowl for your private information. These identity thieves can be patient and clever,…

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Why the Deceased Still Need Document Shredding

A Caucasian hand sorting through hanging file folders containing personal tax information and other personal information

As a kid, I had the job of picking up our family’s mail from the local post office. I remember that we occasionally got mail for my grandfather, Frank, who had the same last name as us, but didn’t live in our home. Frank died when I was only two years old, so I didn’t…

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Choosing the Right Company for Your Shredding Event

Young serious busy professional business woman wearing glasses using laptop to do research.

A shredding event is a great service and learning opportunity for your clients and will definitely boost your relationship with them. The best thing you can do to create a successful event is to ensure it meets your customers’ needs and expectations. The perfect first step of planning an event is to make sure you…

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What Healthcare Providers Should Look for in a Shredding Company

A person signing a patient record form in a doctors office.

If you’re partnering with any outside organization to outsource your work, you want to use the best, especially when it comes to relinquishing healthcare information. Some may not consider shredding an integral part of healthcare, but the truth is that it’s a vital part of protecting a patient’s private health information. If any information is…

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Does Paper Shredding Really Benefit the Environment?

A plant growing out of a pot filled with paper shreddings.

Lynn’s Story As a Nashville business owner, if you were to ask me why I have a professional shredding company destroy my paper documents, I would give you a long list including: To keep file cabinets, office drawers, and desktops clear of paperwork It’s required by law to properly destroy sensitive and private information, and…

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A Day in the Life of a Mobile Shredding Truck

Hands on the steering wheel of a vehicle

In 2006, Pixar and Disney Pictures created the film Cars with multiple sequels and spin-off films that followed, all with great success. There were race cars, tow trucks, airplanes, and fire rescue vehicles, but they forgot one character: a mobile shredding truck! Fortunately for you, we have a new screenplay about a day in the…

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