A Successful Scanning Project Requires Professional Expertise

Scanned folders in computer
While paper may never entirely go away, technological advances have certainly made it easier to reduce the amount generated within the office environment. Desktop scanning devices enable one to easily convert a handful of hardcopy documents to digital images, and even ordinary printers are now equipped with scanning capabilities. These tools can certainly help save time and help businesses become better organized. It’s no wonder that many companies hope to go paperless altogether.

Scanning a file folder full of paper is not the same as converting your organization’s entire collection of records, however. Many companies begin large scale scanning projects only to abandon them shortly after they’ve begun. They simply don’t have the time, internal resources and expertise to achieve success with scanning projects of that magnitude.

It’s important to consider the various steps and factors that go into any scanning project so that your business doesn’t get in over its head. A systematic approach is necessary when dealing with corporate records which often represent your business’s most valuable assets. The problem with scanning projects is that important documents can easily be misplaced, mislabeled and misfiled. Keen detail needs to be applied in order to ensure that scanned records are properly sorted, labeled and indexed, both prior and subsequent to being converted to digital files. Additionally, a review process needs to be incorporated to make sure that all data is captured. It’s also imperative to plan how you’re going to manage your electronic documents.

In short, these kinds of precautions are probably not your organization’s core competencies. Some companies may try to skirt this reality by hiring seasonal or temporary staff to assist with scanning projects without realizing likely cost overruns or compromised data. They may not have the proper knowledge nor have your organization’s best interests in mind.

The best solution is hiring a professional document scanning partner who can implement the proper procedures, standards and expertise necessary for achieving success. Past performance, records and information management knowledge and the ability to provide a full scale document management solution are all key factors in deciding which scanning and imaging partner to choose.

Consider Richards & Richards: for over 25 years we’ve provided businesses in Nashville with comprehensive document scanning services. For more information about how we can help your organization achieve success with its next scanning and imaging project, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on the page.

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