6 Questions to Ask a Hard Drive and Media Shredding Provider

Group of Green Question MarksDoes your company have a data destruction solution? How do you make sure your media is destroyed in a secure and reliable manner? Here are six important questions to ask a hard drive and media shredding provider:

Question 1: What devices can you destroy?

This is the first question to ask. It helps you assess whether a prospective hard drive and media shredding provider can destroy your CDs, DVDs, backup tapes, and portable hard drives—and offer a customized data destruction solution for your company.

Question 2: How is my data destroyed?

Your media should be destroyed in a manner that eliminates all confidential data. Choose a hard drive and media shredding company that uses state-of-the-art technology to crush and shred your media into un-reconstructable particles.

Question 3: Are you NAID AAA Certified?

This question helps you verify whether your hard drive and shredding provider is AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). NAID AAA Certified hard drive and shredding providers are subject to random audits by accredited security professionals who confirm compliance in the following areas:

  • Personnel screening practices
  • Equipment and facility safety
  • Insurance requirements

NAID AAA Certified hard drive and shredding providers offer unparallel security so you have peace of mind.

Question 4: How Do I Know My Media Is Destroyed?

Your hard drive and media shredding provider should barcode and scan your devices to verify their destruction. After your media is destroyed, you should receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Question 5: What Happens to My E-Waste?

E-recycling is an important part of the hard drive and media shredding service; it prevents your e-waste from posing a risk to the environment. Ask this question so you know your hard drive and media shredding partner recycles the raw materials of your destroyed devices and provides a Certificate of Recycle at the end of the process.

Question 6: Can you provide references?

The best way to verify the dependability and trustworthiness of your hard drive and media shredding company is to talk to their customers. Ask your provider for client references. If they hesitate or decline to provide references, find a company who will.

Your data is one of your most important business assets. Ask these questions to make sure the company destroying your data gives it the protection it deserves.

Richards & Richards offers secure, NAID AAA Certified hard drive and media shredding services for businesses throughout Nashville.

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