5 Ways Professional Shredding Benefits Your Business

Paper shredding is a must for protecting sensitive business information, client records, and employee files. Privacy protection should be at the top of your list when looking for a reputable professional shredding provider. But ensuring your records are destroyed securely isn’t the only thing a professional shredding service can offer your business. In addition to reducing liability and increasing productivity, outsourcing your document shredding also protects your business reputation, contributes to a healthier planet, and saves your organization money.

1. Enabling productivity

Relying on your office shredder is better than tossing documents in the trash. But it still takes time to feed paper through your shredding machine. Shredding a single file takes several minutes with all of the steps involved, which can include:

  • removing paper clips and staples
  • straightening sheets of paper
  • cleaning up paper particles
  • disposing of shredded paper
  • oiling shredder blades

When you shred your documents in-house, you end up paying your employees to feed a shredder rather than generate revenue for your business.

A professional shredding service enables your staff to be more productive with their time. Firstly, we place collection containers within your office allowing no-longer-needed documents to be discarded quickly and securely. Then, the entire destruction process is handled for you, enabling enhanced productivity for your staff.

2. Saving money

Maintaining an internal shredding program for your company is expensive. For example, your costs include:

  • purchasing shredders
  • buying disposal bags
  • performing maintenance
  • replacing inoperable equipment
  • utility expenses

Outsourcing your shredding saves money for your business. Locked collection containers take the place of your electricity-hogging shredding machines. Then we empty them for you on a scheduled basis, preventing unauthorized access to your confidential information.

3. Reducing liability

You can’t ignore your legal obligation to maintain privacy standards for your information. Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) regulate and enforce standards for maintaining information privacy during the disposal process.

A NAID AAA certified shredding service ensures that the destruction of your documents complies with the privacy protection standards outlined in these laws. A Certificate of Destruction further reduces potential liability risks for your business by providing proof of date, time and method of destruction.

4. Safeguarding your reputation

Your business reputation is one of your most valuable assets. So if you don’t destroy documents properly, they may fall into the wrong hands—compromising the trust of your clients, employees and potentially your whole community. It doesn’t take long for a privacy breach to become a news headline.

Professional shredding protects your business reputation by providing reliable and secure destruction of your documents. Screened, uniformed professionals destroy your information following strict chain of custody procedures, the destruction process is recorded, and locked, GPS-tracked vehicles are used to transport your paper records to a secure shredding plant.

5. Ensuring recycling

You know that recycling your paper contributes to a healthier environment. But after shredding records with an office shredder, it’s too risky to set them aside for recycling. Bags of shredded material are often stolen by criminals hoping to gain access to confidential information.

A professional paper shredding service incorporates recycling into the destruction process without compromising confidentiality. Both shredding and recycling take place within a closed building protected by security procedures and technology. The professional shredding process ensures documented custody throughout the collection, destruction, paper baling and recycling process.

Outsourcing your shredding solution ensures you protect your confidential information at all times. Once you delve deeper into each of the benefits of professional document destruction, you’ll want it for your business.

Richards & Richards provides outsourced document shredding solutions to business throughout Nashville. For more information, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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